On Raising A Gentleman

I'm in unknown territory, this should be no surprise. To raise a girl? I have many pointers in mind already. But a boy? I'm at a total loss.

How do moms raise gentlemen?

How do I raise a gentleman? 

We excitedly prepare for the birth of our children, decorate nurseries to perfection and plan every cute outfit. But what about when the newness wears off? When the squishy newborn is gone and what's left is a little baby quickly becoming a toddler ::sigh:: What then?

This not-so-simple question is something I'd never pondered until the other day. As I read posts about tantrums and screaming I began to worry. How do you face those toddler days, or better yet those teen years? How do you fade out the attitudes of those periods and suck out the sweetness?

I quickly thought of my brothers. They are perfect gentlemen.

If moms were graded, mine would get an A+. Her sons are intelligent, kind, caring, responsible, respectful, fun, outgoing. Good God, they're the whole package. From a sibling standpoint, it's a little repulsive. From a mother's standpoint, it's beyond impressive.

As I see us nearing a new phase in life, I feel I need to be prepared, er well, more prepared.

Things to consider:

Act as an example: No, I'm not the Dad. I will never have that male comradery, but I can still be a leading example of how to {or not to} act in life.

Create teachable moments: This is one I'm preparing for. Taking an obstacle and making it a lesson. Even better, taking an achievement and making it a lesson. Either way, teach him. I feel this is a biggie in raising a gentleman.

Affirmation: There's a fine line in parenthood when it comes to praising your child. When their actions are positive a little praise goes a long way. Go too far and they are rotten, but find that balance and you'll begin to see confidence and pride settle in his personality.

Chivalry: You can't have a gentleman who isn't also chivalrous! That, my friends, is a good chunk of being a gentleman. The way in which a man treats a woman is so much of who he really is. To treat a woman with kindness, respect and honor are things that J better abide by. 

I'm sure this list could go on, but I believe I've found a good starting point.

For now, as we approach toddlerhood, faith and patience are my main focus. Patience is my weakest point in life. I'm praying as I teach J to be patient and faithful, I too will gain more of these virtues. Let's face it, growth as parents inevitably means growth for our children.

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  1. Great post! The most important thing we can do as parents is accept the free grace that He has given us and pray that we make the right decisions for them and love them like He does. great post girly! It's a little overwhemlming if I think about it too long! haha ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  2. Such a refreshing post this morning! I believe faith and patience are definitely key, and I'm right with you on the patience. I'd be willing to bet we all are, but being aware of it is so important. I just try to remember that like you said, I am an example, and I am a venue for God's love to flow to him right now. Have a super Friday and weekend with your little gentleman!

  3. Great post and those pictures of your little man are swoon worthy. So precious!

  4. Great post! I think you got it right with faith and patience!

  5. Great post! I am struggling with this too, but on the flip side, How to Not Raise a Mean Girl, who has self confidence and holds out for the gentleman I am sure J will b.

  6. Loved this girly. I'm so glad that you're putting thought and time into raising a future gentleman. Being a momma is not an easy job. I think it's no different trying to raise a girl. There are different things to worry about, but good lord, do I ever worry about them now.
    You're doing a great job momma!

  7. He is sooooo adorable! I know I always hope that I can raise Nolan with the right morals and to be a gentleman...it's a scary world out there and all you can do is the best you can and be a good example! Then those girls will be fighting over our boys :)

  8. yes..teaching any child manners gives that child an advantage in all of life...they know how to act in every situation!

  9. I loved this post. In my opinion, Boys learn a lot from the way their Dad's treat their Mothers and other people. You know the saying, the best thing a father can do for their child is love their Mother. I think if their Daddy is a Gentlemen then chances are son's will follow :)


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