Party Planning: Making Decisions

I thought I'd take the opportunity to link up with my friend over at Growing Up Geeky to share an update on party planning! I'd love any input or tips you may have from planning your parties :)

This is it. Crunch time.

I want J's first birthday to be perfect, special really.

With winter hitting us about a month late, an intense horror that it will be freezing on his big day has overcome my inner-conscious. I wish I was kidding. That's currently my greatest fear in life.

That come March 24th it will still be 40 degrees outside. That every single guest will be packed like a sardine in our relatively small house. Dear God, I hope it's warm {and while we're at it, not raining!}.

While half my brain worries about weather, the rest of it is realizing actual decisions need to be made!

My first decision? Paper.

I knew I wanted pretty paper products. You know, cute patterns, fonts and colors.

So I took to Etsy, hoping to spare myself some time and purchase something. I saw several party packages for $30. Right now? That seemed worth it. But when I inquired to almost  five different designers and only one said she could/would do it I was discouraged. Then when that designer told me it would be $80 for the custom design I almost died.

$30 sure. $80? Hell no.

Budget friendly -- that's the goal of this party, budget friendly. Perfect, but budget friendly. You get it.

Right then and there I decided to stop being lazy and start getting crafty. I headed back to my Birthday Pinterest board and regrouped.

Free printables + my husband's photoshop skills + my bestie's rhyming skills = DIY paper party package

Our official color theme and partial printables?

Printables Via

From these printables, the hubs began making other paper products, like straw flags. Oh and let's not forget the invitation!

By the way, how long before the party should you send out invitations?! I beg of you: someone let me know in the comments sections, please!
Gah, I love those two. Their love story is heart-warming, simply exquisit. I adore the adventure of their relationship. Really, if you haven't seen the movie Up, you need to! But I digress. 

You see the colors on the house behind them? Look familiar? I thought so.

Moms, non-moms, any body who can throw together a party, please offer up any tips in the comments below or feel free to email me here: magnoliamom365 [at] gmail [dot] com