Reflections and Introductions

When the days go by so quickly it's hard to grasp the fleeting moments of motherhood, marriage, love and happiness. As I look back on my blog posts of late, my spirit is smiling.

Did you know, I don't keep a baby book? I don't think I even finished the first few pages from J's birth. Oops. But that's why I'm here documenting. My life. His life. Our life.

Soon that baby will be one. ONE! The past month has been a reality check that toddler days are just around the corner. His face is filling out, his brunette locks are growing and curling {maybe}. J is standing alone and building his courage to get those chubstacks legs movin' any time now.

If I stop and look around at my life, I can't help to think - I'm blessed.

Are you stopping by from Neely's blog? Happen to be new around here? Or are you one of my sweet loyal readers? Either way...welcome and happy Monday!

Thought I'd share a quick run-down of our life lately....

Between working my ars off at work and balancing a sick, teething dude, I'm still getting used to mommyhood. One thing I do know? If I'm going to be a mom, I want to be a boy mom. Oh, and a WAHM {work at home mom}. Plans currently in the making.

Our love story? If you missed it, I spilled plenty of details on how we came to be last week.

That devilishly handsome baby? Well, he's sent this mama {and papa} into a party-planning frenzy. I'm currently in the midst of searching for printables, menu plans and balloons galore! Our one-year birthday theme? Pixar's movie Up!

I'm your classic first-time mom with a baby whose quickly sprouting into a boy, a husband who loves me despite my limited emotional scale, with continual postpartum issues and a blog that I fall more in love with every post.

Around here life is messy, but full of love. Grab a seat, it's only bound to get more interesting.

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