Bittersweet: Details

*A follow up to Wednesday's post*

The way he lays his head on my shoulder.

Cuddle sessions that are actually successful.

Nap times that are getting few and far between.

Understanding that when he puts cookies into Cookie Monster's mouth they come out in his backpack.

His expression when seeing me, his dad or Sulli.

The way he dips his head into the water during bath time.

Baby steps that are being taken from the ottoman to the couch.

The way he's beginning to place his hand in mine...and leave it there.

His giggles and "purrs" {as most people refer to it}.

The way his entire personality is blossoming in front of my eyes.

Toddler moments are emerging in my baby's character each day. My heart welcomes these kind toddler-type moments, but my spirit is mourning the passing of infancy. We're now ten days into his birth month, and it's becoming all too real that in a matter of weeks I'll have a one-year-old.


  1. The changes are amazing, incredible, and sad all at the same time.

  2. Oh is so bittersweet! Trying to hold onto those memories but also enjoying them grow and learn.

  3. They grow up so fast don't they? :-(

  4. Aw- totally brought tears to my eyes!

  5. How beautiful! I can only imagine how that feels!!

  6. So far having a 1 year old has been amazing - it's bittersweet for sure but SO much fun!

  7. This is an awesome post! I was just thinking the other day of jotting down the tiny things that I just never ever want to forget. So glad that you captured some of J's little bits!

  8. Gulp!!! You don't want them to grow up but you don't want to miss what lies ahead. It's tough.


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