A Boy and His Cake

Jackson's first cake was everything I'd imagined and more.

The cake reads: Jackson's Growing Up!
My brother's girlfriend, Anna, is a fabulous baker so there was no question as to who would make our cake. I sent her a couple pictures as inspiration and told her to take it from there. What I really wanted was balloons galore. 

I'd say she delivered!

When I saw the house on the cake I almost died. I did not expect it! And how freakin' cute is that house?!

At first, J wasn't too into his cake.

Who are we kidding, he never got very into the cake. There was no diving in, just a little icing mama smudged on his face trying to get him to eat his cake!

And bye bye went the house.

What you can't see here is a little something special on the inside of the cake...

YAY!! Per my request, Anna made each layer a different color.

Personally, I thought it added another element of Up whimsy to the day.

Even though he demanded to be spoon-fed his cake with ice-cream accompanying each bite, Jackson ate it up! And this mama was beyond happy with the most perfect cake for her baby's first birthday.


  1. What an awesome cake! Love the cake smash.

  2. That cake is absolutely adorable! I love the different colored layers :)

  3. Love it!!! I just got chills reading this post!! I can't believe baby J is one! He is so stinkin cute!!!!

  4. That is one amazing cake! Your brother's girlfriend is so very talented! Geez...taken back.

    But then there's the cute little one sort of eating it and that helps its cuteness! W didn't like his cake AT ALL when he first had it. But now---I think he's changed his mind! I'm glad because really who doesn't like cake???

  5. That is the cutest cake ever!!

  6. Gosh that cake is amazing! I love the balloons!

  7. So cute! I love the cake! We couldn't get Sydney to touch it on her first birthday either:-( but next year he will love the cake!

  8. She did a great job on the cake! Evie wouldn't smash her cake either!

  9. What an awesome cake! Hey I like ice cream with my cake too :)

  10. Very cute cake! Glad he had a good birthday

  11. So so cute!! Love how it turned out!

  12. I love this cake and the whole theme as well! Up is one of my favorite movies! Your son is so adorable. Love your blog! Following...now. :) Have a wonderful rest of the week!



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