A Boy and His Cake

Jackson's first cake was everything I'd imagined and more.

The cake reads: Jackson's Growing Up!
My brother's girlfriend, Anna, is a fabulous baker so there was no question as to who would make our cake. I sent her a couple pictures as inspiration and told her to take it from there. What I really wanted was balloons galore. 

I'd say she delivered!

When I saw the house on the cake I almost died. I did not expect it! And how freakin' cute is that house?!

At first, J wasn't too into his cake.

Who are we kidding, he never got very into the cake. There was no diving in, just a little icing mama smudged on his face trying to get him to eat his cake!

And bye bye went the house.

What you can't see here is a little something special on the inside of the cake...

YAY!! Per my request, Anna made each layer a different color.

Personally, I thought it added another element of Up whimsy to the day.

Even though he demanded to be spoon-fed his cake with ice-cream accompanying each bite, Jackson ate it up! And this mama was beyond happy with the most perfect cake for her baby's first birthday.