The Disconnect

Through the bustle of the past few weeks, I've found myself with far too many "unread" items in my reader. My weekend needed to be spent catching up on other blogs and scheduling posts for the week. But when Saturday night rolled around all I really wanted was a movie night with the husband.

Recently, bloggers have been talking about disconnecting. Jon Acuff has had an apparent impact on the ladies who attended Blissdom and just a quick skimming of his blog had me intrigued.

It's a funny thing, our blog world. The networks that seamlessly connect us each day {Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Pinterest} are the same thing creating our greatest disconnect in life. You know, the life outside of the computer.

As Acuff put it, "Want to be a better parent in about 4 seconds? Hang up and arrive."

**Today's post is continued over at My Thought's Uninterrupted where I'm filling in for Laura while she enjoys a mini vacation!**