First Birthday Party: Up Theme

March 23, 2012 it happened. My baby celebrated his one year birthday. 

The photos in store don't do the amount of balloons we had on Jackson's big day any justice.

We had about 300 balloons bouncing around, floating, hanging. You name it we had it.

With an Up themed party, balloons are kinda a gimme, right? We can certainly cross that one off the list. And next year's theme will not {I repeat will not} be based around balloons!

One thing I did have major issues with choosing was our menu. Pinterest and I got into many recipe searches that just created more options that I couldn't decide between. Originally, I planned this party with the mindset we'd have double the people who were able to attend. Once RSVPs were in, final decisions were made and the menu was tweaked.


-7 layer dip with pineapple salsa
-Fruit tray with yogurt dip
-Sausage balls {recipe to come}
-Chicken puffs {ditto!}
-Burgers and dogs
-Baked beans {but I forgot about them and now we've had a fridge full of beans}

Over the appetizer table hung J's monthly photos. I found some scrapbook paper and ribbon matching our colors and other party crafts and went to work. This was really more time consuming than anything, but seeing the end result was heartwarming. All those months strung together, showing us J's one year evolution...I still haven't been able to bring myself to take it down. Let's say it was worth the months of getting those photos. I can't lie though months 11 and 12 did not make the banner. Oops.

I took our extra paper and created a little game with 10 more photos of Jackson on the mantle.

Last March at my baby shower, we played a game in which each guest was to guess the chronological order of 10 photos of me throughout the years. So I thought, why not do that for Jack's first year?

Thanks to Target's dollar aisle, we found some little tins and easter basket straw. Take a cake pop stick, some tape and that scrapbook paper and voila. I thought it was the perfect fit for the birthday mantle!

Opposite of the mantle hung our Happy 1st Birthday banner that B made. I thought it looked nice with the canvases we got recently! Good job B!

And then there was the cake table.

Wondering what that silver thing is in the background?

Oh, yep, there ya go.

It's our replica of Carl's walker in the movie. Do not worry friends, photos with this wonderful little walker are to come. It has been so much fun seeing J walk around the house with this thing. Although it's not the most sturdy of props. {warning homemade walkers not recommended for regular toys} 

As for favors, everyone was treated to a balloon cake pop {or two, or three}.

And that was that. The guests went home. We cleaned and cleaned. Then cleaned some more. Then popped balloon after balloon. Although multiple Up details I'd planned fell through last minute, I'm still happy with our end result.

I wouldn't change a thing about Jackson's first birthday party. And yes, next year's is already in the works.

Did you miss yesterday's post detailing our beautiful cake?! Check it out here. Also? I've got some recipes, present pics and a major milestone all in the works for my documenting purposes and your reading pleasure.

Happy Friday!!