Flaunt a Friend -- A Link Up

One of the best parts of being a blogger is the community we create for ourselves in this big thing known as the world wide web. For me, some of the women I've "met" over the last year have been pivotal in motherhood survival. So much so that I prepped you all for my blog's birthday celebration in May.

Today, one of my dearest BBF {blog best friends}, is hosting her first linkup and I couldn't resist linking up with her and Lyndsey!

The general idea? Quit talking about ourselves for a change and flaunt some of the fabulous blogs we stalk read each day.

What better way to start than with the hostess herself, Tiffany from The Momma Bear Diaries.

Tiffany chronicles her life with S {baby bear} and of course PaPa Bear. Currently she's packing up their entire world for a 14 hour move! She'll be leaving the sweet southeast and head up north. There is an adventure ahead of them for sure!

With a kind-heart, a sweet soul and an insane ability to create blog designs this is a little slice of blogland you need to visit!

Another blog friend I certainly couldn't do without is Jenn who shares her story as the Cajun Cowgirl over at When in Doubt, Add More Salt.

She's a Sheriff raisin' mama who gives Martha Stewart a run for her money. Really, you should see the crafts. Each seems effortlessly pieced together for our envying pleasure. Far surpassing any of my attempts to DIY.

In between showing Martha what's up, her handsome toddler {referred to as The Sheriff or W} keeps her hands full. She's been a beacon of inspiration, strength and support for me. I bet you'd find the same wonderful friend in her that I have, just click here.

I can't flaunt my favorites without mentioning Sarah, a blog friend who quite possibly is a long lost IRL best friend. Sarah documents her days at It's a Vol! I found her blog not too long after I began to blog and we just clicked. We share too many similarities not to love each other.

Her sweet daughter Evie is just a day older than J and that one little date will forever connect us. Sarah also happens to be a Baby Wise mama {um, yeah, me too!}. Have I mentioned she's also a working mom who can whole-heartedly understand my daycare woes and work-guilt.

Do I really need to say more? I didn't think so. Say hello to Sarah, here!

Now that I've shared a few of my everyday blogs head over to Tiffany's  to   find even more fabulous blogs and perhaps a new friend or two :)