I left work, picked up J and drove to my Grandmother's house.

It was Thursday and on Thursdays we have dinner at my Grandmother's house. It's just the way life goes.

B and I get to eat, have dessert, not do dishes and someone else gets to entertain J as we eat in relative peace.

At 6:47 last night my phone rang in the midst of leaving our family dinner.

It was the company I'd been interviewing with.

Honestly? My first instinct was that they didn't want to waste their time keeping me in suspense just to tell me I didn't get the job. Gah! There I go being pessimistic!

Mr. N, one of the partner's, began to ramble on about how it was nice to meet me and I could feel it coming. Then, he said..."we'd like to offer you the job."


I wanted to scream that at him but I didn't. Don't worry.

Even better? They offered me the salary I requested.

Damn, y'all, should I have asked for more?!

Oh well, either way it's a raise and a promotion. A raise that will help us be comfortable again. This is a feeling I cannot begin to explain.

I am terrified of change. Terrified. But keeping my mind set on how this will impact not only my family but my future career is helping maintain my motivation.

As you read this, I'm trying to figure out how to tell my current boss {and best friend's mom} that I'm leaving the firm. I'm paralyzed at the thought of telling Annie I'm leaving. But this opportunity? It's too good. For me, for my baby, for my husband, for my sanity and for our personal friendship. It's good.

I opened up to Twitter lately asking for interview tips, and you wonderful ladies did not fail me! I am more thankful than I can express. You boosted my confidence and interview skills. For that I'm forever thankful.

Even more, when I posted about my interview some of you, my dearest blog friends, responded with abundant support. You humble me.

Your prayers. Your thoughts. It means so much. So, thanks. Truly.

As I begin this new chapter, I have a feeling that our roller coaster is headed for a few new flips. Hang on. Just breathe. That's all we've got to do. I see good things.