The In-between

Before the next chapter of life begins with a toddler and a new job, I'm taking the week for myself. Really though, who are we kidding, this entire week will be dedicated to our house and J's birthday.

As we're less than a week away, I've come to find out that apparently my entire family has prior obligations for the date of J's party. As in, my billion people family that I had been planning in my head to attend won't be here. This means all the details, all the food, all the everything is kinda pointless.

Don't get me wrong I still plan to throw J a lovely Up themed party filled with photos, friends, food and lots of balloons. But I'm scaling back big time. Turns out there will most likely just be about 10 people here. And although I cried over it the other day, I'm quite alright with it now.

The people who will be here are the most important. They're the ones who love J unconditionally, who saw B and I through this year and who wouldn't miss this day for anything.

Really, this was a bit of a blessing in disguise. As we're in transition from one job to the next our budget is seriously tight until my next paycheck. And crafting? It's freakin expensive. We walked around Michael's yesterday as I priced the things I'd wanted to do and I quickly realized its just not worth it for me right now.

So long as we've got some of J's grandparents, uncles, aunt and even his great-grandparents in attendance I will be so happy with the day. Now that half my week is cleared from the crafting time I'd carved out, I'll have plenty of time for my other plans....

Yep, spring cleaning will commence Monday morning {or in the next five minutes}.

From the loneliest corner of our house to the everyday areas, no couch cushion or kitchen cabinet will be left untouched.

I've got lists galore, ideas aplenty and more cleaning to do than I can wrap my head around.

It's been a while since I've done a major cleaning like this, and I'm actually a little excited to have our house fresh for the spring and summer seasons. I can't wait to get all of our windows open and let this beautiful spring breeze flow through the house. It'll be rejuvenating.

Post-spring-cleaning I'll be back with charts, tips and tricks that I learn through what will surely be a couple failed attempts and hopefully a few successes from the week.

So what can you expect in regards to this lil blog next week? Oh you know, birthday celebrations! I'll be revealing J's actual name* {for real! I've never actually told y'all his name!!}, we'll be sharing his birth story {which I failed to ever do} and hopefully there will even be a post from the husband!!

The next eight days will most certainly be manic, but my excitement to celebrate our first year with J is taking over and I love it!

*note: in regards to me revealing J's real name, this girl would like me to point out that I have in fact displayed his name on the blog before. Examples? A too cute monogrammed Christmas shirt and oh you know his party invitations! Thanks, Sean :)*