A Monday to Friday Thing

Ever since B and I have been together he's worked odd schedules. You know, not quite 9 to 5, Mon to Fri.

When we first began dating, he was a server and typically worked 4 different nights a week. Then he went to work for his current job. Since being with this big retail company he's had a severe variety of hours. The one thing that has remained constant with his ever-changing weeks are his weekend shifts. He always has at least one.

It's a rare occasion for B to have an entire weekend off. In fact, since J has been around its only happened for special occasions {read: weekends to visit in-laws or visits from them}. But this weekend, we had him all day Saturday and Sunday!!

I was beyond ecstatic when B told me he'd managed to get Saturday off. Our plans? No plans. That, my friends, is the best kind of plan when you've been as busy as we have lately.

So, we did our attempt to sleep in with cuddles. Spent time making eggys and biscuits for breakfast. Shared belly laughs on the couch. Didn't change out of pjs until after our first nap. Had lunch at our favorite deli, with Sulli {grandama} and Lady {aka real grandma, aka great-grandma}.

Mother nature must've gotten the memo it was a special weekend because she graced us with an entire 48 hours of sun and 60 {70} degree moments. We washed the cars. Admired Daddy. And chased the pups.

Did I mention all the giggles?

Oh and J's open-mouth kisses, his current specialty.

Even with the disastrous day that was Sunday thanks to what can only be blamed on J's ears or teething {no idea which}, the weekend was still marvelous.

I'm officially on team husband-needs-weekends-off.

Campaign management begins now.

How could you say no to that face?!

Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekends were filled with smiles and sunshine!