On The Shelf

As women, we wear many hats. Wife hat, mom hat, chef hat, maid hat, dog-walker hat, teacher hat, chauffeur hat, nurse hat, for me paralegal hat...this list goes on forever.

When Shannon mentioned her many hats the other week, I got to thinking about the different hats I wear. And well, it kind of gave me that last little push to add another hat to my shelf.


Possibly, especially considering I feel like I have no time already. But, I was given the opportunity to add a much-wanted hat to my shelf. 

This means I'm officially the {co}New Member Advisor for my sorority, Chi Omega. Eeek!

The day I was initiated as a sister was one of the best in my entire life and it always will be. I'm the first girl in my family to pledge as a legacy {meaning my mom was also a Chi-O}. To share that moment, which was so fundamental to who I am now, with my mom was an experience like no other.

I have the privilege of sharing secrets with my mom that no other family member will have {except my future daughter}. And for that we are eternally bonded. It may sound crazy but, our sisterly bond has brought us closer than mother-daughter bonds ever could have.

I embark on this new role with her by my side. And I'll tell you one thing, I couldn't have asked for a better mentor within my sorority. If there is anyone who upholds the true values of Chi Omega and lives them out each day its my mom. Let's just say I'm blessed, as is Chi-O, to have a woman continuously fighting for the cultivation of their panhellinic presence.

Now, on to the fun stuff...

As my first obligation as an advisor I chaperoned the Spring semi-formal. And well, quite honestly it was a reality check. As in, I'm no longer a young college student, I'm the old lady chaperoning! HA!

The college girl in me is no more. Nope, now I'm the one being called "ma'm", checking IDs and trying to get the girls to pull their dresses down so we aren't seeing their goodies. Oh to be young...

Seeing these kids drunkenly make their way into formal, dance like no one was watching {for real, several of them needed a room} and make memories that they'll look back on made me yearn to relive those days. I guess that's why I've known for years I wanted to be an alumni advisor.

Yes, it's another time commitment, but ensuring these girls get the best experience possible and seeing the satisfaction they get from their sorority life is so worth my time {as scarce as it may seem}. I am forever indebted to the wonderful advisors I had along the way and I am looking forward to having the same impact on others.

So there you have it. One more hat on the shelf. I'd say that deserves a good "Hootie-hoo!"