Post Birthday: The Calm

The party has happened, the balloons have been popped, guests have gone home and the kitchen is finally clean. With the tornado rush that was Friday and Saturday, the silence of Sunday afternoon was so refreshing.

Who knew how stressful it really is to host a party?!

Birthday night cupcake 3.23.12 
From making our messy house guest-worthy to decorating for the party, B and I ran around with our heads cut off starting Friday night until Saturday at 1 pm when guests arrived.

I'm not going to lie, it was a mad dash but we finished and managed to get the house looking great.

When my SIL asked if the party was what I'd imagined I had to answer no. B didn't like that answer, but you know what? It wasn't what I pictured. Many of the Up theme details I'd planned were cut due to several reasons: stores not keeping grape soda bottles in stock, like they said they do; our budget; and oh yeah, my procrastination.

Now, if she asked me if the party was perfect, that answer would've been yes!

It was a wonderful day with our family and friends. Food was eaten, presents were opened and cake was cut. The birthday boy didn't love getting messy with his cake though. We tried and tried but he refused to give us the messy cake-face photo mama wanted. He preferred to eat his cake with ice cream...on a spoon. Spoiled kid.

I took the day better than expected. His actual birthday that is. I spent most the day giving him kisses and bear hugs. All in all it was a good day. Nothing crazy, just us spending the day together. B had to work all day, but made it home in time for some bedtime snuggles. The birthday boy loved it.

I'd say my nerves set in the day of his party, as if it made his new age official.

Oh, hello one-year-old.

The rain storms this weekend have come in and washed away my worries. I'm ready for the year ahead of us. I'm ready for our new chapter.

Today, we write a new page in our story.

This morning, I'll go to my new job and drop my one-year-old baby off at daycare.


It's really happening. Parenthood. Adulthood. Marriage. Life.

It's flying by as we step back and realize how truly blessed our days are.

I have many pictures, recipes and details headed your way this week. Hopefully the transition to a new job won't steal me from the blog world! Happy Monday sweet friends!