"Raising The General"

That was my second contender as a new blog name. Remember in just over a month we'll be getting a new name!

Now you ask, The General?

Well, that's J's given nick-name. I've never mentioned it here before. In fact, it's been almost a year that I've documented our days with J here on this blog and I've never shared his name or even our nicknames for that matter. 

For the most part, I share every detail with y'all. The good, the bad, the daycare. But all this time I've never really told you his name. Sure, it's been posted in a monogrammed T or perhaps in his party invitation. But it's never just been declared his name. 

Shall we review a nick-name list first? Yes, I think so. First up...

The General. 

It's my favorite nick-name J's been given. 

Just days after we announced his name I got a phone call from my cousin saying, "you realize what you're naming this kid right? The boys are gonna call you out!"

What she meant to say is, "you're naming your child after the two most infamous Southern Generals...ever! Do you really think the boys won't call you out?!"

And call me out they did, officially dubbing Baby J, The General

Before we go further, this may just be the perfect moment to share J's real name and the story behind it. 

While I was pregnant, I was convinced it was a girl. So I searched far and wide for the perfect girl name. Because if we were actually having a boy, I'd had my name chosen since I was 16. 

I worked at a children's boutique as a teen. In our spare time we flipped through baby name books...let's just say we had lots of spare time. Before I quit that job, I'd chosen my son's name. Luckily, B liked it too...


As for his middle name we had to think a little harder. Eventually we landed on...


Jackson Lee aka The General. 

Now you know.

Now for real, other nick names?

My special mommy nickname for him...

Monk. Like a tiny little monkey. Because oh my is he swinging all over things lately. 

Also, Jackie Bear or Jack Bear.

Last but certainly not least, Jack. I am not one of those moms who is anal about my son's long name. I love both versions of this name which is why I wasn't afraid of it. In all honesty, I wanted to call him Jackson 24/7 but I'm a major culprit of referring to him as Jack. I figure, one day he can choose and that'll be that.

Our days with Jack have been so blessed. In only four more sleeps I'll have a one year old. My heart is so happy in life at this moment. And now I can finally refer to him with our silly nicknames here on our digital home. 

Let the birthday week commence!