That's Life

Sunday Jackson had a stomach bug.

Sunday night I had that very same bug. 

Oh yeah, B too. We'd hate to leave anyone out. 

Sunday  B was on his 10th day of bronchitis. 

Monday Jack came home with a red and swollen eye. 

Monday night I had a stomach virus. 

Monday B's bronchitis was still very bad. 

Tuesday I called the doctor. 

Tuesday I scrambled to find a someone to take J to said doctor so that I wouldn't miss my second day of work. 

Tuesday J's doc said he has an eye infection. Oh, and bronchitis. Way to go dad! {refer to Monday}

Tuesday the husband went back to doctor and had to get himself another round of antibiotics and x-rays. 

Tuesday I made it to my second day of work without having to go to the doctor thanks to J's great-aunt. 

Wednesday, oh wait, it's still Tuesday. 

How is it not Friday yet?!

Birthday photos are edited but the posts just aren't ready. I'll leave you with this...