That's Life

Sunday Jackson had a stomach bug.

Sunday night I had that very same bug. 

Oh yeah, B too. We'd hate to leave anyone out. 

Sunday  B was on his 10th day of bronchitis. 

Monday Jack came home with a red and swollen eye. 

Monday night I had a stomach virus. 

Monday B's bronchitis was still very bad. 

Tuesday I called the doctor. 

Tuesday I scrambled to find a someone to take J to said doctor so that I wouldn't miss my second day of work. 

Tuesday J's doc said he has an eye infection. Oh, and bronchitis. Way to go dad! {refer to Monday}

Tuesday the husband went back to doctor and had to get himself another round of antibiotics and x-rays. 

Tuesday I made it to my second day of work without having to go to the doctor thanks to J's great-aunt. 

Wednesday, oh wait, it's still Tuesday. 

How is it not Friday yet?!

Birthday photos are edited but the posts just aren't ready. I'll leave you with this...


  1. Bless your heart!!!
    Hope everyone your way is on the mend soon
    Can't wait to see the Birthday Pics :)

  2. that picture makes my heart so happy!!! but all of the text above it does not. I hope things are looking up! You can always ship J and/or B and/or M and/or B to Newfoundland if you need a break. Or actually, just ship yourself and leave them behind. You'll LOVE our weather.

  3. What a great picture! So sorry to hear about all of the sickies going on at your house. Hope you guys get rested son!

  4. Oh no! Hope everyone is better's no fun with a house full of sickies!


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