The Way You Are

It's evolved so much over the last 11 months.

People can tell you a million times, but the fast-forward button really does click when you have kids. I never expected this though. The magic of it all.

Seeing you as a tiny newborn, much smaller than any of us expected. Much more precious than I could've ever prepared for. In those first few days with you our hearts were moved.

As we spent the weekend playing and giggling it became real. You became real.

I realize J is 11 months old, he's been real this entire time. But the baby I had just a couple months ago is no more. The handsome bundle around my house can no longer be categorized as a baby. He's a toddler.

Now don't get all excited, he's not walking yet. Not entirely at least. Just a few steps from one couch to the other. Nothing post-worthy quite yet. But we're close.

The toddler I'm referring to is not within J's physical abilities, but his personality.

It's changed.

He's different now.

In just the last eight days I've seen it.

The way he wakes up is more gentle. Yeah, we still deal with the come-get-me-now screaming, but once he gets to our bed he coos and purrs, you know his special blend of talking.

How I know things have really shifted? My independent baby is now laying his head down to cuddle! No strings attached the kid just wants some loving! I have been waiting for this moment for 11 months and now it is here. And you know what? It's somehow better than I imagined it!

I always knew he was a loving kid, which is why I've never understood his disdain for a good snuggle. Toddler J is showing his colors though and he's a sweetheart.

My calendar read March 1, 2012 the other day and a piece of me began to mourn. It is officially my baby's birth month. In just a few short weeks he'll be one. I'm not ready to reach this milestone. Looking back on photos and details makes my mind reel.

And then Toddler J appeared for a sneak peek and I'm even more in love. If these gentle, loving mannerisms of late are any indication as to your character then bring on the next year. I cannot wait to see more of that angelic little dude.