13 Months

It's something I never expected. A feeling so strong that it brought me to tears. A milestone I'm not prepared for.

My baby's 13 month birthday.

The coming and going of Jackson's 12 month birthday hadn't moved me to this place. But now a mere month later it's all hitting me.

My baby isn't so much baby anymore.

He is a handsome, wannabe toddler with a heart of gold and a bloodcurdling scream which insists on middle-of-the-night mama snuggles.

This month has been a roller coaster in itself.

We've transitioned from the bottle to the sippy cup. From formula to whole milk and from bedtime bottles to bedtime books.

Waving, pointing and saying "bye-bye" are currently J's favorite activities. In fact, I'll even catch him mouthing the words and just barely waving his fingers as if practicing for perfection.

The phrases mama and dada are well known. Dada is not spoken as much by Jackson as me but he can pick his dada out of the crowd when asked. So the correlation is there.

Have I mentioned the snuggling? It is my favorite addition to our days. Now don't get me wrong these snuggles are gone in a flash but they happen! One moment he's jumping on the bed, the next he's laid his head on your should for a quick hug before once again jumping up to point at the dogs. These brief moments are all I need in the world.

Now that Jackson is showing love to us, he is making certain not to leave the pups out. Every morning as we each try to wake up Jack pets sweet Baxter on our bed with the gentlest of intentions. But every now and then that poor dog's beard and/or eyebrows get a quick tug. As for Millie, this kid is infatuated with her. She is slowly coming around and on most days happily accepts his quasi gentle pets. She, unlike Baxter, is still unsure of his many open mouth kisses. You read that correctly, J offers up more kisses for his puppy siblings than for mama and dada. And I'm ok with that because it's heartwarming.

The expression on his face each afternoon and morning when seeing me or B lifts my spirits each time. I walk into daycare and as soon as he hears me, sees me, smells me, he drops what he's doing and speed crawls my way. If I don't pick him up for a hug the screaming begins. Oh the toddler tantrums are already upon us.

13 months. I can't believe it.

As sad as it makes me to face the fact that Jackson is not a baby, that it's been a whopping 13 months since we came home from the hospital, I'm eating up every moment with him. Lately he's developing at such a rapid pace. Recognition of family members, words and objects are happening overnight.

I foresee even more blossoming throughout this month. More words, more actions, more love.

To my sweet baby boy, thank you for your hugs and open mouth kisses. You are truly my sunshine. Happy 13 months!