Blog Crashers 2012: It's Happening

Happy Monday!

Yes, I said happy. Very, very happy indeed.

This mama has had a ton of weight lifted from her shoulders. Confessions of a Magnolia Mom has officially been converted to The View From 510. Eeeeep!

I am so giddy for you to all see the new look of our blog. More than that, I'm excited to celebrate its one-year birthday with you! For months now I've been putting together an array of gifts for y'all in honor this week. I hope you'll love each one as much as I do!


Before we can get going with giveaways, I need to be sure you're all still out there. So while reports are coming in that the move has been successful, I want to give everything one more day to move to our new name.

Be sure to jump over to your Google Readers or whichever feed you use and confirm that The View From 510 is still showing up in your feed. Also? I've been told it may still be appearing as Confessions of a Magnolia Mom. Not sure where that snafu is coming from, but hopefully it'll switch any moment now.

This is such a sweet week for me. To see the way my blog has flourished, to feel the community that continues to lift me up and to look back and reflect on all I've learned through documenting our days is true bliss.

Some people are skeptical about blogging. Hell, one year ago I was skeptical about blogging.
But now I get it. 
And I'm so thankful.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with our first giveaway....want a hint as to what you might go home with?

Get excited!