Blog Crashers 2012

Day in, day out we watch Bath Crashers, Kitchen Crashers, Yard Crashers. You got it, they'll crash it.

Do you watch the DIY Network?

We may as well just pay for that channel. That's it. Well, fine, that and E. That's all we need.

My husbands go-to shows are the Crasher series. Basically? They find you, take over your house for a few days and just like that they leave your space a better {prettier} place. At no charge to you, might I add. It's like they come into a space, sprinkle fairy dust and BAM! Amazingness. Every. Single. Time.

Well, in just a few short weeks I'll be having my very own Blog Crash.

In celebration of my one-year blog birthday, we'll have days full of fabulous ladies hosting giveaways! Squeee! 

Plans are in the making, giveaways are being prepped and this lil blog is getting a redesign! I figure, why not give a little back to those who saw us through the year.

A little gift for you, a little lift for us.

Please excuse me as I work on the redesign! 

Back to normal posting at some point this week...

Oh and have you seen the toddler around here lately?

Too big, too fast.