Early Onset Adult Exhaustion

Saturday night, as I sat barely breathing, I self-diagnosed lil' ole me with a newly discovered syndrome....

Early Onset Adult Exhaustion.

Plain and simple: I'm worn out!

Morning festivities had this mama grasping at straws in the grocery only to distract from teething pains with some people-watching.

Success. My child loves nothing more than a place full of things to point at and people to admire.

While he gandered, I meal planned. Hey, two birds, one stone.. Why not?

Finally I'd coaxed my little fussy man into a nap.

Hallelujahs were sent up after a successful car-to-crib transfer. And then many, many prayers that the morning was not a precursor for our entire day. Because our day? Had just gotten going!

Family from across the country had set up camp out at "The Land" in preparations for my cousins' wedding shower that afternoon. With oodles of family aching to see our bundle-of-toddler-mess, I knew we'd need to be in good spirits.

Hubs made it home from his way-too-early, out-of-town work meeting just in time for us to pack up our lives and J to finish his nap.

It's been a while since we've been further than 20 minutes from our house, and I was nervous. So I may have overpacked afternoon goodies. That's the Girl Scout in me I guess. Always be prepared.

We set out prepped for the one-hour drive. We got this, I so naively thought.

J used to nod off upon a car cranking up and hitting the road. However, those days are long gone. I knew he'd be up the whole time. But even with all my preparations, the kid about lost his shit 40 minutes into the drive.

Those last 20 minutes in the car were mind-numbing. B and I both dug deep for patience. Upon arrival that child of ours lit up like the fourth of July. Man, he loves a good party aka being center of attention. Oh and food. Feed him and he's happy. Deprive him and well, that's just not a good idea.

All week I'd assumed Jack would last an hour or two then we'd be out. But that kid surprised me and we were there for four hours! However, his heavy eyelids were napping before we were even out of the driveway! Ha! And dontcha know, he woke up the moment we pulled into ours. Of course.

And then, this mama was left alone for nightly routines so the hubs could go fishing. {wife of the year award....ahem..}

So, we swung, we walked, we ate and as much as he needed a bath I held off. J has had a weird and new hatred for baths lately and they typically ruin nighttime routines.

After a seriously wearing day I thought bedtime would be timely. But J wanted to see just how far he could push mommy and refused to sleep. So more story time it was.

By the time I finally got him down {a little after 8} I plopped onto the couch.

You know how your body feels after a day at Disney World? Yeah, that's what I was feeling Saturday night.
Two words: burned out.

It'd been a while since enduring this type of fatigue, but our long day of life, and the too-early wakeup times Jack's had lately proved to be too much.

Another long day Sunday led to a mama with a migraine.

At 10 pm I went to lay in our bed with all intentions of getting back up to do some chores. Next thing I know it's 4:30 am and I'm still wearing the previous days' clothing.

Oy ve.

Early Onset Adult Exhaustion, you are not my friend.

*no, this is not really a medical syndrome...thanks for stickin' around to read my ramblin'"


  1. Ohhhh momma. I know just how you feel! Story of my life! Always exhausted! Where do these little babes get all of their energy? It is never ending!!!

  2. (((HUGS))) friend!! I pray that this week you will be refreshed! I remember those days but my, how they pass too soon :( Now I'm exhausted worrying about them driving! LOL

  3. you need some Erin time stat!!!

  4. I think this diagnosis comes in as soon as our kids come out. It's like a side-effect to motherhood. And you know what's funny? Giada used to hate baths from about 9-13months. She would scream and cry, and only wanted me to stay on the edge of the tub so she could have her head on my lap while I washed her. It made it a challenge, but one day, just like that ,she decided she was going to love 'splish-splash' time. So hang in there. It will pass :-)

  5. Oh (((hugs))) my sweet friend. Hopefully it's just one of those rough times. I hope you are feeling a little better now!

    PS Isn't it amazing how you think your kid will only last a few hours before losing his/her mind and they totally surprise you and are angels for hours and hours.

  6. I love that you coined that term! I totally have that too!! Ellie was a TERROR this weekend...it was like the perfect storm at our house. All the crappy thing aligned and played out in one day...and yes, I was EXHAUSTED by Sunday night! And yes...you TOTALLY got the wife of the year award for hubby leaving you guys to go fishing! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  7. Successful car-to-crib transfers are the best feeling ever!

  8. Girl I felt like you just wrote this post about me...some days I wonder where my energy went...oh that's right into my toddler!


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