It's Ok, Thursday.

Even though I have a guest post for today, which will hopefully be posting soon, I've decided to link up with Neely to share a few things...

It's ok...

That I continuously think of things that are "ok" on a daily basis but haven't linked up in months!

That I'm so slow at work today I've caught up on a billion blogs.

To be writing a blog while at work...on the clock.

That I've written a guest post for today that still hasn't been posted.

That I'm being impatient about the publishing of said guest post because I'm excited for y'all to read it. For whatever reason.

To lose your patience.

To doubt your ability as a mother every now and then because when your kiddo wakes up laughing something must still be going right.

To need two coffees a day.

That my best friend lives in Canada and that she won't be permanently living in our city anytime soon if ever again. Thank goodness for blogging and the Internet!

To be counting down the days for her visit home in July!!

To completely slack on all household chores.

To have writer's block.

To want it to be summer but not the 100+ degree kind of summer. (aka a dreamland kind of summer because that never happens here in my famously hot town)

That I'm going to ask my mom if she'll keep J tomorrow night so the hubs and I can get some sleep and see if our sanity is still somewhere in our house.

That the iPad I'm writing this post on wont let me grab the button for the linkup so this link will have to do for

Yep, it's ok.