Little Locks

There are some moments in life that change you, moments that change your child. 

This was one of those moments.

One minute my semi-shaggy baby is innocently wondering what Grammie is up to and the next?

He's in for a rude awakening...

After the initial shock, Jackson's nerves settled.

One thing is for sure: there was no shortage of hilarious faces from this dude during his first hair cut.

Finally, a smile...

Just as J was getting fidgety, Aunt Beth caught his attention with pure giggles.

First haircut tantrum averted thanks to her.

If you can't tell, this kid loves laughing with his Aunt Beth. 

Jackson even made his current favorite "ohhh" face for mommy. Love it!

And just like that, my baby was a boy.

photos taken 3/25/12