Lost in Redesign

If you happen to be a blog designer reading this post then I'm speaking to you when I say, you are amazing! Really truly, ah-mazing!

The husband and I have been working on the blog's redesign for several weeks now. Let me tell you something, blog design is not for the faint of heart.

Blood, sweat and tears have gone into the new design to be revealed later this week. Ok fine, no blood but sweat and tears for sure.

Despite the marital spats the redesign has created over the last couple weeks I'm so thankful B has helped me along the way. You see, a big reason I've decided to change not only the look but the name of this blog is because of a realization I've made over the last year ...

It will never be about ME again.

Sure some days are still about me, like Mother's day. But really? It's about us as a family unit. The more time I spent documenting my life on this blog, the more I realized its about us not about me. So the title "Confessions of a Magnolia Mom" just didn't seem to fit anymore.

For months I pondered over a new name that was fitting for our family and one day it came to me whilst jamming to some T-Swift. And yes you can "jam" to Taylor Swift.

But I digress....

Starting Thursday this blog will begin it's transformation and I ask that you please bear with me. The outcome, I believe, will be a breath of fresh air. A perfect renovation to our blog home just in time for Summer.

You see, I started this blog with the mindset that maybe it'd stick around, maybe it wouldn't. Now, almost a year since creating this site, I couldn't imagine a day without this blog. It has truly become my online home. My place of refuge and comfort. My place to document our family's life. The good, the bad and the completely miscellaneous. It's all here on our little slice of home in the world wide web.

The new name and design is reflective of the home we have here in real life. A little simple, a little pizazz and a whole lot of love.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a name reveal and perhaps a sneak peek at the new look. Until then, I'm off to photoshop my heart out and attempt to wade through the next few days of HTML flooding...err coding :)