Not So Little Red Wagon

As a birthday gift, Jack's PaPa and MoMo got him his very first wagon. 

Brandon and I agree that some of our fondest childhood memories are riding around in the little red wagons pulled by our grandparents. I'll never forget the red wagon at Lady's {my grandmother} that somehow survived 9 grandchildren. Nine! It was a garnet red with aged wood plats, a seemingly frail thing that managed to make it's way around the driveway.

These new wagons are no flimsy toy. Oh no they aren't! This thing is an ATW wagon. Who knew that even existed?! By far three times as nice as the wagon we had back in the day.

As soon as that box made it into our house, the wagon was assembled and we were riding. And our kid? He loves it!

As you can see he does not love when I take photos of him...

We've been walking in our wagon for two weeks now. Just last weekend as we made our was around the cul-de-sac I looked back to see my little man waving. WAVING! I almost died right then and there. My heart was certainly in a puddle.

Our new nightly routine includes a wagon ride, where we point and wave to any and everything we pass.

Yes, red wagon, I think I like you.