Six Years and Counting

A little before midnight my phone rang, it was B calling to check in.

I'd had a typical night, studying in my dorm room with a little bit of facebooking mixed in. B was in a band {rockstar status people} and had just gotten home from a gig.

At the time, we lived three hours apart. But no matter what our days brought, we always called each other before bed. We'd been "dating" since January. And if my memory recalls correctly we only missed a few nights phone calls in that time frame. Rather impressive for a boy three hours away who new nothing of me just months before.

Our call went as usual. We talked about any and everything. After hours of rambling I realized it was nearing 4 am and I needed to get some sleep.

But before he'd let me off the phone we managed to get to talking about "us."

And by the time I hung up the phone that night we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Ending the call with "I love you's."

We'd had a whirlwind of a romance since meeting January 16 that seemed to surprise everyone in our lives. It's something neither of us expected. In fact, those few months had thrown my entire life plan off kilter.

Looking back on those days, knowing what I know now, remembering complaining to B that he'd messed up my plans, I couldn't be more thankful.

Today we have officially been dating for six years. I can't say each year has been the greatest of my life. No, in fact one of them was the worst. But through it all, we've stuck by each other, learned from each other, fought with each other and loved more than we ever imagined.

For the man who loved me at first site all those years ago, I am eternally thankful God placed you in my life. Our story is truly one of destiny. Only a greater power could have brought two complete strangers together in the way which we were and I don't want to know a life any different.

I hope you know the love I have for you runs deep. I'm a tough woman to love, this I know. And my affection is not always projected the way I truly feel in my heart or can put into words. So, thank you for understanding that's just the way I am and loving me in spite of my many, many flaws. You are the greatest partner, friend, confidant.

Happy six years boo, here's to six {and many, many} more!