Swinging Into Spring...err..Summer

Amidst making our Sunday rounds of people-watching and errand-running, we somehow ended up with a little swing. It caught B's eye as we walked through Wal-Mart and well we just couldn't get that thing out of our heads. Many aisles and a trip to Lowe's later we caved to the swing.

Thoughts of baby giggles danced in my head as we raced home to hang the swing on one of the million trees in our yard only to find that every single tree was too tall. I cannot even begin emphasize the overload of trees we have, and not a single one had a swing branch. 

So, that swing sat on our floor for a good two weeks. 

One day I got a text from the hubs, the swing had been hung. He'd put a little brain power into it and made it work...and work it does. 

I was honestly unsure if he'd like the swing.

As new parents we went out and bought one of those swings known as necessities for newbs. And, well, that was a waste of a hundred bucks. He sat in that thing for a grand total of two minutes.

At least with this swing we'd only waste twenty bucks...

Our first moments in the swing were pure wonderment.

....a little hesitation....

And then things got swingin'....

..of course we had our usual distractions and discoveries...

Finally, Jack threw caution to the wind and gave into the awesomeness of his brand new swing!


There are no words for the joy it brings me to see this expression.

This little blue swing was worth it's twenty bucks plus the hundred on his infant swing plus so, so much more. Now a days, this swing is one of our favorite activities.

And to think we almost returned it to Wal-Mart because we didn't have a good tree.
That would've been a shame.