Welcome UBP Visitors!

Over the next week, the wonderful ladies of 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting the ultimate blog party. Basically? It's the ideal way to meet new friends and reminisce with old.

To my loyal, weekly readers: hope your weekends have been lovely!

To new friends around here: Welcome! 

I'm Erin. 
Mom to J, an almost toddler.
Wife to B, a techy DIYer.

Life around here moves quickly as I attempt to soak in the wondrous moments of motherhood while combating those trivial parts of parenthood...like working to pay for diapers, pretending the laundry doesn't exist and attempting to raise my son to be a gentleman.

Just a few weeks ago our not-so-newborn baby turned one. One!

I may or may not have come to terms with this milestone. 

Other happenings?

This sweet lil' blog of mine will celebrate it's first birthday in just a couple weeks. And in honor of its birthday? We're having a blog crash! Details here.   With a new design and name just around the corner for Confessions of Magnolia Mom, I'm beyond excited to forge on with this blog.

Our lives have quickly turned a corner; stories have ended and new chapters are beginning. That being said, it's the perfect timing for a little facelift.

Grab some wine, coffee, whatever your heart desires. Stay a while. We're always finding some sort of {mis}adventure around here.

Learn more about me here. Want Jackson's party details? Plenty of them here. Wondering how B and I even came to be? Yep, shared that story here. Better yet, just looking to get to the heart of things with the greatest of random details? I spill some secrets here!

Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012