About to Burst

I haven't written in days.
Too many days.

In fact, my heart is aching to write. But really, I just haven't had a second to sit down until right now. It's the first time in 8 days that I've actually sat down, taken a breath, poured a glass of wine and opened the computer.

This must be some sort of record, for real. 

But in order to fill my blogging addiction hobby during my writing hiatus, I depended on our old friend Pinterest. No idea what I would've done without it the past week!

Source: quickmeme.com via Erin on Pinterest

Pinterest: the greatest site ever.
Go there, get inspired. Follow me here.

I've been a pinning beast lately. And really, it's helped fill the blog-shaped hole in my heart.

Also, my MIL is staying with us for the week. And if you've been keeping up with the latest happenings, you know that we spent the weekend with her as well. We hit a quick rough-patch, but it's good to be home in my territory.

Heading back to work has put this week on a serious fast-forward mode. We've had a slew of deadlines over the last 48 hours which now has me officially attached to the couch for the next two hours despite the laundry that needs to be done.

Other happenings?

Baby Fever.

You ladies really need to quit getting pregnant and having the cutest, squishiest babies ever.
It's getting to me.

Then I find myself pinning things like this...

And this...

Source: google.ca via Erin on Pinterest 

So much to share.
So many photos to edit.
So many emotions still reeling from the last week's events. 

Thank the Lord it's Wednesday!

Summer Supper: Crockpot BBQ Chicken

Last week, I promised you a finger-lickin BBQ recipe but then life got in the way of blogging. 
How silly is that? 
I'm not one who likes to break promises, so without further adieu...

We've had a buffalo chicken crockpot recipe that's had us in a tizzy for months.
But recently, I'm just burnt out on buffalo chicken.


If you knew me IRL, you know I'd pretty much do anything for buffalo chicken. But right now? Not so much. I needed to find an alternative to the crockpot chicken recipe and boy have I found it!


This recipe went above and beyond my expectations. It tasted as if we'd road-tripped to Memphis for some of the best BBQ around. I truly could not believe this tasty meal came from my kitchen!

Shredded BBQ Chicken Recipe:
{recipe via}

- 4 frozen chicken breasts
- 1 12oz bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
- 1/2 cup Italian salad dressing
- 1/4 cup brown sugar
- 2 tablespoons Worcesteshire Sauce

1. In a bowl, mix the barbecue sauce, Italian salad dressing, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce. Pour over the chicken in crockpot.

2. Cover, and cook 4 to 5hours on high 
3. Shred the chicken while it is still in the crockpot and leave it in there on low (or warm) setting for 30 minutes to absorb the sauce. We usually let it soak as long as possible. 

This BBQ is absolute perfection! But no summer supper is complete without some pasta salad.

Growing up, I just added some italian dressing to our pasta and veggies to make it "pasta salad". That is until Ashley shared her recipe for Kick Ace Pasta Salad.

I was sold on her recipe immediately. In fact, we've already been through two batches. And Jackson? He eats this stuff up as if I was handing him bundles of sugar.

It doesn't get much better. Happy cooking friends!

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The Quintessential Soldier

A cool breeze settled on South Carolina Sunday creating the perfect morning for an outdoor graduation. It's as if mother nature knew we'd be trekking a toddler to Wofford at 6:30 am for his Uncle T's graduation and this mama needed every bit of help possible.

It was the first morning Jackson actually slept past 5:30 am in weeks. Of course. But when I woke him, he was in relatively good spirits. We packed up every toy and snack possible the car and headed out. 

Wofford bound. 
Our destination only an hour and half away.
However, in the world of a 13-month-old that's equal to at least 6 hours.

Before reaching the end of our neighborhood it dawned on me I didn't bring my wallet. But B assured me it was fine, he could drive both ways. I don't know what it was that morning but a tug at my heart told me I'd need to drive home.

The ceremony was quintessential, as Wofford alumni may say. We sat and listened as the President gave his impeccable speech full of inspiration, ambition and celebration. Jackson was a dream as he walked the beautiful campus with his Dad, allowing me to witness my brother walk across the stage and receive his undergraduate degree, summa cum laude might I add.

Post-ceremony we headed back to his apartment, set out the spread my mom had been planning and started digging in while gossiping with the graduate about his plans for summer. 

B and I stood on the front porch chatting and munching on chips as my mom talked with other friends. 

B's phone rang, it was his best friend James. 
The next thing I know Brandon's face went white with worry as he asked what's happened?!
A pause.
A gun shot?

The cup of diet coke he held dropped to the ground as his body lost all feeling. Something was terribly wrong. I know now that at that moment, a piece of him went to heaven. 

What I couldn't hear was James saying that our dear friend Jimmy had been killed in an accidental shooting. At the hands of a friend, by his own gun, because his friend believed the chamber was empty. He was rushed to the emergency room, but didn't make it out of surgery. 

For 24 hours now I haven't been able to get Jim's face out of my mind. No, it's sitting right there at the front. I feel a bit empty knowing he's not out in Colorado soaking up the beginning of summer with his beautiful girlfriend Janine. 

If I feel like this, my heart aches to imagine the feeling Brandon is experiencing. 
A best friend.

As we merged calls with the rest of the group on the way home, James, Drew and Brandon pondered that  he always told us he'd never make it to thirty. 

Damn him for being right. 

Damn him for serving the last 8 years in war and making it home in one piece. For retiring from the Air Force just the other year, ready to settle down with the only woman who could command the attention of a man who had his hand in so many pots. A man who, himself, commanded the attention of any room he entered and any person he encountered.

Let me tell you about Jimmy....in a nutshell? He was one crazy mother fucker. 

Yeah, that's what I said. And I'd have said it to his face too. Which in response I'd fully expect a classic Jimmy side smile and a lil head nod. 

Someone said it best when they commented there was nothing bigger than Jimmy's ego other than his heart. 

So, so true. 

Behind the wild, adventurous man that every parent loathed was a heart of gold. A man who was honored when we asked him to stand next to us as we said I do. A man who dropped thousands of dollars to travel from Iraq to attend our wedding in North Carolina only to hit a delay in Paris and miss the wedding by three hours. Three hours! 

I'm honored to have known Jimmy. Blessed that Brandon called him a brother. The impact he had on the world reached international levels. He is no question the greatest American solider I've ever known. Serving multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then going back after his tours were completed on a purely voluntary basis. His country needed him, so he went. Not many people would do what he did. And he wouldn't have been him without the Air Force. 

The quintessential soldier. 
The quintessential American.
Living the dream and fighting for it each step of the way.

Jimmy's Facebook wall has been bombarded with prayers, photos, memories and believe it or not a bit of laughter. One thing I know for sure is Jim wouldn't want to be mourned but celebrated. However, at the moment we are all still a bit numb.

I have no doubt Jackson will grow up being told stories of his Uncle Jim. From wild parties to barely missing our wedding to dutifully serving our country, he will be remembered. In our stories, in our minds, in our hearts. 

February 12, 2009 - All the boys for Drew's birthday
There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love. -Washington Irving
We love you Jimmy. You will never be forgotten.

Graduation Day: The Last Undergraduate

Sunday, my brother Travis will receive his undergraduate degree. It will also mark the day that my mom has seen all three of her children through college. I remember when B and I got married I wrote her a letter thanking her for all she'd done.That letter is gone forever, burned in the fire and lost from my computer.

So today, I wanted to share the email I sent her tonight, reminding her that this is not just his graduation weekend, but a momentous weekend for her as a mom. She has officially seen three children through 24 years of daycare, elementary and undergraduate education. The opportunity she allowed us in college is priceless for us {not so much for her}.

Now, more than ever, I see that she blessed us more than we could've asked.


As of Sunday, you'll have seen all of us through our undergraduate degrees. I realize many people played a hand in us getting to and through college, but really you were the driving force behind each of us earning our degrees. 

I remember the struggles the boys had in elementary school. Chris always forgot to turn in his homework, I feel like that went on for years. And you quickly realized Travis had dyslexia. And I was never a good test taker, ever. The list of challenges we faced over the years could go on forever, but whatever the challenge we had you faced it head on and helped each of us hurdle our obstacles. 

Now, as a mom, I can already see the endless hours of work and worry you put into getting us into and seeing us through four years of college, much less the years of school prior to that. You continue to work hard to ensure we have every opportunity possible. You fought for me to be able to attend Alabama, you encouraged Chris through his years in Georgia and well Travis he's just such a special kid. 

None of it would have been possible without you. Your encouragement, your pushing, your love. We will have each earned our undergraduate degrees thanks to you. I hope you know this. On top of making sure we were academically prepared for school, you gave us the rare opportunity to attend college without monetary concerns. This is a blessing not many people have anymore. You gave us an opportunity that is priceless for us. I see the difference my college experience was from Brandon's and words can't describe how thankful I am. 

Whether or not the boys have realized this I don't know. Perhaps it will take several more years before they do. But I wanted to make certain you knew that as you celebrate Travis' graduation this weekend, you need to celebrate what you've given each of us. We are better people thanks to you. 

I am looking forward to Travis receiving his degree, he is more than deserving. But I am also excited to know that all three of us have completed our undergraduate degrees thanks to the guidance you've given us. 

Have fun at Wofford, enjoy the festivities and remember that none of this would have been possible without you seeing him through the last 22 years of life. 



Unemployment: Father Figures Out of a Job

Hold on y'all let me grab my soap box....

Ok, ok, here we go {please bear with this emotional rant as it is too close to my heart at the moment not to put into words}.

Four father figures. Four jobs lost, going, almost gone.

Where should I even begin here. These thoughts have been swirling in my soul for a couple months now and they continue to stack on one another as the days go by.

Politics aside, at least until later in the post, unemployment is not improving. I don't care what you've heard or what the "numbers" say, it's not. Plain and simple. And today I'm going to lay it out there and use my family as an example.

My FIL: a hard working man who was laid off officially as of two weeks ago. The paper factory he worked for has closed their doors indefinitely. And now? A man who just recently bought a house and took over his step-son's custody full-time is scrambling to find a job at the age of 58. Are there jobs to be found that want a 58-year-old despite his many, many years of experience? So far? No.

My Step-FIL: served two tours in Afghanistan, recently completed his masters degree and worked his job teaching young girls at a juvenile detention center with great vigor. More so, with passion I've never seen. But that budget? It was cut. And now he has no job as of this month. Will he land on his feet? I hope so.

My Dad: a longstanding businessman and entrepreneur working often for government sectors to create and patent environmentally friendly products. From baby carriers to high end military weapons, I've seen no boundaries to their research. Several years ago the Democrats took over the house and despite their push for us to be environmentally safe, they cut many of the scientists' budgets leaving them jobless. Bet you didn't know that. And again, their budgets are being cut {yes, I realize this time at the hands of Republicans, I'm of moderate political views so I judge both at times, deal with it} Come October, my Dad's team will be out of money and it seems there will be no grant for them to continue their research. Jobless he will be in the Fall. Per usual, my Dad has business plans in the works, but again a man whose yearly income has already been slashed by at least 20k is also scrambling to ensure his income will be stable once their team's money has gone.

And then there's my husband: a young college graduate, who has been with his company five years come July. I've mentioned before he works for a major retail company doing IT work. I won't name the company, but over the last five years B and I have watched them beat out the competition as the recession hit every other retailer. And as it stands, it's them and one other company left. An editorial in Forbes several months ago seemed to get the ball rolling on what has now put my husband, his local co-workers and the company at a national level into a complete frenzy. CEOs have resigned, been fired and investigations are underway. Their messages to employees and their families are that the board is wiping the slate of these CEOs and starting fresh. But with a fresh start comes stockholders who are weary and yesterday we watched as the stock of our company dropped 4 points lower than it had even at rockiest moments of our recession 4 years ago. It's an unsettling feeling to say the least. My husband is great at what he does, adores his co-workers and the company he works for. They've been good to us and we hate to see the company shaken the way it currently is. Personally, unless they can get their shit together fast, I give them three to five years. So we begin a job search, make a back-up plan and pray that the board of our company can get it together.

I look to the "numbers", to the speeches, and the resounding message that unemployment is down and people once again have jobs. To that, I say bull shit. Excuse my language, but if you take one look at an average American family right now I bet they'd tell you the same thing. We are still struggling, our economy is still dwindling with only small bursts of improvement.

Brandon and I realized while weighing our options the other day that every Father figure in our life is out of {or soon to be out of} a job.

Now tell me unemployment is improving because I truly beg to differ.

And now I'll resign from my soapbox.

A Boy & A Flower

Sometimes, even boys need to spend some time in the flower field.

Happy Wednesday friends.

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photos taken 4/15/12

Piggy Piggy

To say Jackson liked my recent attempts at crockpot BBQ chicken would be an understatement...

This kid loved it! Even Brandon gave our new meal an A+.

Stay tuned for recipes Thursday.

Flaunt a Friend

As a blogger, you continually meet other new bloggers. You begin to follow them. And if we're really being honest, at some point you'll click that "manage" tab and clean up your readers.

That being said, some bloggers come and some bloggers go. Its a harsh reality folks.

But recently, I met Lindsay and with each passing day I've decided she's a blogger who's going to stay.

Her blog, From Nanny to Family, somehow appeared in my browser a couple weeks ago and I'm smitten. Lindsay is a genuine mama of two with a one-of-a-kind love story. Mix in a bit of wine and snark, and well, she had me at hello.

Hop over and meet Lindsay yourself, my bets are you'll be sticking around for a while.

The Nitty Gritty of Mothers Day

If you check out the "meet me" page of this site, you'll see that I fancy myself a super mom
But admittedly, most days, I'm just human

I question myself constantly! Am I giving Jack the most nutritious food? Reading him the best books to boost his development? Creating the motherly bond everyone speaks of?

Yesterday, B spoiled me. 
He reminded me every moment I am a wonderful mom
More than Jackson could ever want or need. 

Honestly? It was nice to be reminded.

In reality, we're still in the stage of life where Jackson has no recognition of the holiday. These days it's all up to Brandon, and he came through 100 percent.

Jackson may not be able to recall our second mother's day together, but I will.

He was all snuggles and squeals, waking up far earlier than mama had asked of him. He fought his morning nap like a warrior. He let me escape for a pedicure and spa time. He fussed and fussed before an afternoon nap. And then? He let me hold him before bed. A rare occurrence in this house.


Year two celebrating motherhood. Wow.

The idea still leaves me a bit bewildered, anxious even.
However, the reality, shines down as an unexpected blessing.

Despite the doubts and worries, the smiles and snuggles outshine it all. I must say I'm really loving this motherhood thing. I'm certainly a lucky lady to have Brandon and Jackson by my side.

Thanks for a wonderful day, B! Truly perfection. 

Scentsy Buddy & Blog Design Giveaway WINNERS!!

Alright, y'all.

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I Believe...

in God's grace. In His plan. In prayer.

I believe that He continues to guide us each day through our faith. But that He tests that faith on a daily basis.

This week has been a tough one for my family.

In a tweet this morning I asked that you pray for us.

Jackson has his first ear infection in over six weeks. Whether or not this will be the beginning of yet another awful string of infections is in His hands. We are juggling family members to watch him as daycare says he's not allowed after he threw up yesterday. But my faith stays strong.

Brandon woke up sick Monday morning. We assumed a stomach virus and sent him to the doctor. It was indeed a virus but they feared possibly something more. So he went to the hospital for a CT scan. The scan revealed a tumor. Non-cancerous. Thank the Lord. But his constant pain is still unexplained. He goes to a gastro radiologist today for further poking and prodding. Something is not right, and we have no clue what it may be. But my faith stays strong.

I hang onto my last shred of sanity and ask for your prayers.

That is, until B calls this morning with tragic news.

A friend's wife passed away yesterday while in surgery. She was on the brink of her third trimester.

Instantly, my prayer requests shift from our family to his.

And now my faith begins to waiver.

Faith is a funny thing. I often find I question my faith most when it is needed the most. I'm left nearly speechless after the events of this week. Drained. Helpless.

I find myself at work having an out-of-body type of day. It is beyond my comprehension why His plan would involve taking a kind, {very young} woman away from her husband, her family and friends. Why our friend must now know the pain of losing a wife and child before the age of 30.

How could this be His plan?

And now I dig deep for faith. For guidance. For trust in His plan.

I'll ask that you hug you're loved ones tight. Forget the pettiness of whatever qualm you've had and just forgive. Forget that your crazy toddler has refused to eat or nap for days. Forget that your budget is tighter than you'd ever want. There is, unfortunately, no promise of tomorrow. So take advantage of today.

Prayers for our friend are very much appreciated.

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I've read many posts lately by bloggers claiming to have hit a proverbial wall. Yes, a wall.
This, my friends, is also known as writer's block. 

If you're looking for a cure, I've found it

Get on your Pinterest account and start browsing. 
Don't worry about a search phrase or category. Just scroll through it all. 

Let your first pin lead you to the second...


and the third...

The sparkle you may find, will get that writing spark lit again. I promise.

Happy pinning friends. 

Follow me on Pinterest here


It's hard to believe that this guy...

is walking.

Videos to come.

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Thirty-One Giveaway WINNER

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Congratulations and thanks for being a loyal reader :) I'm emailing you details momentarily!

Attempts at Being Type-A

I've been dancing around the idea of home organizing printables for a while now. However, hours of sorting through Pinterest and DIY sites have led me to deep corners of the interwebs without much success.

I'd finally come to the decision to just make my own, until I opened up photoshop and just felt creatively uninspired. There had to be something out there that would work for us, right? There had to be!

One last Pinterest search and the greatest bit of printable heaven was placed in my lap.


Not only do the colors and style actually mesh with our style, it's an editable file {a rare find}
New Beginnings, has this printable and an entire home binder for your downloading pleasure!

B and I have been talking a lot lately about getting our house organized, routine, budgeted. You know, all that fun adult stuff. And this binder may just be my jackpot.

I've seen other bloggers post their home binders and I've always adored the idea. But wondered, will I really update it? Would I truly put it to use? Hell, I got an Erin Condren planner and hardly touch it!

My husband would scoff if he heard me describe myself as meticulous and organized because our house doesn't reflect that. But at work? My files are pristine and I never skip a beat on organizing every tiny detail. It's time for me to bring that characteristic out of the work place and into my home.

Stay tuned for more printables and possibly a binder!
This is me officially asking you to hold me accountable, ok? Ok!

Geek Talk and Updates

It's been nine days since I moved Confessions of a Magnolia Mom to The View From 510.
And I'm here to officially say, it seems we've survived.

We put up quite a fight last week fixing servers, DNS mishaps and redirecting issues. The punches kept coming but we kept rolling. Don't let me fool you though, the week didn't end before having a meltdown.

All this digital lingo was way over my head.

I managed to fix a server issue like a pro. Yeah, I called the company, sent a couple emails, made another call and BAM fixed. Whew. Got a little lost in some HTML on that one, but we made it out breathing.

But then? Then we didn't show up in anyone's readers.

That's no good, is it?!

This issue took me almost three days to get fixed. Over 35 emails with one of "Google's top contributors" have been passed back and forth resolving my problems. I was praising this guy last week. It wouldn't have happened without his patient guidance and my readers' willingness to answer test posts and tweets on demand. Thank you all! 

It feels good to be back to just blogging.

But before we go, be sure you've entered all the Blog Crasher giveaways!

Thirty-One Giveaway - ending 5/8
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And? If you're looking for an updated button for the blog we'd love if you spread the love...


Happy blogging ladies, I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone!

A Well-Rounded Childhood, Who Knew?

As Easter weekend approached, I tried to think of a special outing for the day. B and I aren't members of a church here {I know, I know}, but I knew we should still do something different that day.

The forecast was filled with sunshine, so we decided to pack up some snacks, toys and fishin' poles and head to my family's farm. It's the farm I spent many a childhood memory riding horses, fishing and  rowing in the boats. Not only would Brandon love the fishing, I knew Jack would enjoy taking it all in. 

Our house is a mere 15 minutes from the farm, which works well when life revolves around a toddler's schedule. In case of a meltdown, the safety of home is not too far away. 

We parked next to the pond for a good view of Daddy fishing and a mini picnic. 

This simple snack was filled with so many precious moments.

While J soaked in the scenery that was so new to him and so second nature to me, I soaked in the essence of him.

As entertaining as he finds eating, it too has a time cap. So, we packed up our red wagon and headed for the barn. It was going to be Jackson's first experience with horses {to my knowledge}

Growing up, we kept horses at the barn but they're long gone now. My Grandfather, does however, rent the stables out. And from the glimpse I caught on the way in, there were some beauties up there. 

J giggled and pointed at the horses and donkey, absolutely smitten.

Music in the background, a curious dude by my side and a place that I love. 

I sat there wishing to bottle up that moment, that feeling

I found myself reflecting on my childhood that night. Recalling my memories of running wild through acres of land with my cousins. Setting up barrels and taking the horses out for a race. What they didn't know? My horse had a thing for the stable and as soon as we'd hook that last barrel with the stable in sight, he'd pick up speed like no other horse on the farm. Man, that was a great horse. Terrifyingly fast.

My mind then quickly jumped to memories of the beach. And the mountains.
The more I reminisced the more I realized what a truly well-rounded childhood I had.

From the low country beaches of South Carolina, to raising animals on a farm and camping in the Blue Ridge my opportunities were bountiful. My Grandfather worked hard to set up a legacy of unlimited possibilities. Places and things I took for granted as a child because I assumed everyone had these blessings. But they don't.

I'm thankful to be able to pass this type of childhood on to Jackson.

If he can look back 24 years from now with this same realization, then we did good.

Come Memorial Weekend, we'll introduce Jackson to Edisto Beach. One of the top 5 places that make me, well, me. Another bit of that legacy we're blessed to be living in and working on. 

Blog Design GIVEAWAY

Yes you read that correctly!

Last, but certainly not least, our Blog Crasher's Giveaway will be bringing you a new design!

As you know, the husband and I have been slaving away on the new look around here. To say I'm relieved it's finally done and published would be a serious understatement. The detail and thought that goes into every piece of a blog design takes tons of time and creativity.

Luckily, I know a wonderful mama who is a killer designer.

Tiffany, voice of the The Mama Bear Diaries and TKC blog designer, is offering up her Simple Package for half the price {just $27.50}!! This includes:
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Want to see some of her work? Most recently, she's changed up her own blog design:

And her portfolio? Well it speaks for itself...

I could go on, but why don't you just head over to TKC Designs and check it out. 

If you need more validation that this girl rocks, let me tell you: she held my hand through the entire process of changing this blog from Confessions of a Magnolia Mom to The View From 510. I can say with certainty it wouldn't have happened without her! 

Even more comforting? 
With the billions of questions I asked, she never got annoyed. 
Have you ever had a blog design made or tried to make one? 
Yeah. You come up with a trillion questions. 
It's nice to know you can. Trust me. 

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Scentsy Buddy GIVEAWAY

Ok, mamas, this one's for you. Actually, that's a lie. It's for our little ones.

Kim {fellow blogger & Scentsy Consultant} and I are here to spread the Scentsy love!

I've professed my love for Scentsy before and we've even had a giveaway. But you can't have enough Scentsy, am I right? In fact, just this week B and I restocked our scent bars with some fresh Spring scents. Let me just tell you, Home Sweet Home, Sweet Pea & Vanilla and Cucumber Lime are all winners and our book.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. We decided to forgo the basic blocks of Scentsy wonderfulness and give you....

We just adore the Scentsy Buddy in our house. Jackson's Godfather gave him the elephant buddy as a Christmas gift. Ever since? he's lived in his crib. Each morning when I go in for Jackson, it's apparent he's been snuggling with his elephant!

If I dare take Ollie out of the crib, Jackson stands and points to wherever that silly elephant is sitting.
And back in the crib he must go.

Makes my heart smile every time. 

The above pictured cuties are just a few of the fabulous choices.

So where's the scent? Well they're stashed inside of a zippered pocket in the buddy's back. Try the Newborn Nursery Scent Pak or perhaps, the Lilac and Violet is more your thing.

All I know is J loves this thing. Which means mommy does too.

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