About to Burst

I haven't written in days.
Too many days.

In fact, my heart is aching to write. But really, I just haven't had a second to sit down until right now. It's the first time in 8 days that I've actually sat down, taken a breath, poured a glass of wine and opened the computer.

This must be some sort of record, for real. 

But in order to fill my blogging addiction hobby during my writing hiatus, I depended on our old friend Pinterest. No idea what I would've done without it the past week!

Source: quickmeme.com via Erin on Pinterest

Pinterest: the greatest site ever.
Go there, get inspired. Follow me here.

I've been a pinning beast lately. And really, it's helped fill the blog-shaped hole in my heart.

Also, my MIL is staying with us for the week. And if you've been keeping up with the latest happenings, you know that we spent the weekend with her as well. We hit a quick rough-patch, but it's good to be home in my territory.

Heading back to work has put this week on a serious fast-forward mode. We've had a slew of deadlines over the last 48 hours which now has me officially attached to the couch for the next two hours despite the laundry that needs to be done.

Other happenings?

Baby Fever.

You ladies really need to quit getting pregnant and having the cutest, squishiest babies ever.
It's getting to me.

Then I find myself pinning things like this...

And this...

Source: google.ca via Erin on Pinterest 

So much to share.
So many photos to edit.
So many emotions still reeling from the last week's events. 

Thank the Lord it's Wednesday!