Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Attempts at Being Type-A

I've been dancing around the idea of home organizing printables for a while now. However, hours of sorting through Pinterest and DIY sites have led me to deep corners of the interwebs without much success.

I'd finally come to the decision to just make my own, until I opened up photoshop and just felt creatively uninspired. There had to be something out there that would work for us, right? There had to be!

One last Pinterest search and the greatest bit of printable heaven was placed in my lap.


Not only do the colors and style actually mesh with our style, it's an editable file {a rare find}
New Beginnings, has this printable and an entire home binder for your downloading pleasure!

B and I have been talking a lot lately about getting our house organized, routine, budgeted. You know, all that fun adult stuff. And this binder may just be my jackpot.

I've seen other bloggers post their home binders and I've always adored the idea. But wondered, will I really update it? Would I truly put it to use? Hell, I got an Erin Condren planner and hardly touch it!

My husband would scoff if he heard me describe myself as meticulous and organized because our house doesn't reflect that. But at work? My files are pristine and I never skip a beat on organizing every tiny detail. It's time for me to bring that characteristic out of the work place and into my home.

Stay tuned for more printables and possibly a binder!
This is me officially asking you to hold me accountable, ok? Ok!


  1. I'm excited to see these come to life for you! I hope they work! I use my Martha planner every morning to make daily to do lists. I also use it for all of my other lists and can purchase more paper from staples at any time. It just isn't quite as pretty as those. lol

  2. These ARE great printables! I made a binder last summer. It currently sits on the table, untouched, unopened, just hanging out. I use this $3 calendar from the drugstore for everything! I'd love to get my binder on some sort of system but especially with cleaning, some days I just didn't feel like dusting and vacuuming, so I'd do sweeping and mopping instead. I can't be that "governed" I suppose. My to-do lists are a mess, but that works for me. Yay for you and B getting things organized! i can't wait to see the finished product. IT might just inspire me to go back to mine. I do like the idea of a binder for organizing holidays/birthdays and even want to possibly start using it for organizing a bit more of a "homeschooling" thing around here come Fall. Nothing hardcore, just more of a layout than flying by seat of our pants. And now I tell you have a great day after this comment vomit! :)

  3. My advice? Ditch all that crap. Spend 15 minutes a day cleaning something and do one load of laundry a day. I have a meal planning binder that I love though. It's simple. I have about 25 of the same worksheet in there. Hubby and I make a meal plan for Sunday-Saturday and then it has a grocery list on the bottom. So we go through the pantry find what we need, write it down and I take it with me to the store. My coupons are in a little pouch in there too. That is what works for me, otherwise I get too caught up in refining the system. I am a big fan of keep it simple!

  4. PPS I know I owe you an email about babywise too... I am sucky friend lately! Oh and the printable I use is this one: http://www.theprojectgirl.com/2009/01/19/menu-planning-form-free-download/ Ok I am really done now. Sorry for the insanity.

  5. I just sat down the other night and worked on a schedule for myself. It's working thus far! I don't use printables but I use Google Calandar & TeuxDeux both of which have been very helpful. Let me know what you decide to implement into your chedule and we will trade notes :)

  6. I'm type A to the EXTREME! I love this cute little help chart!

  7. Love this and will be probably printing it tonight.


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