Geek Talk and Updates

It's been nine days since I moved Confessions of a Magnolia Mom to The View From 510.
And I'm here to officially say, it seems we've survived.

We put up quite a fight last week fixing servers, DNS mishaps and redirecting issues. The punches kept coming but we kept rolling. Don't let me fool you though, the week didn't end before having a meltdown.

All this digital lingo was way over my head.

I managed to fix a server issue like a pro. Yeah, I called the company, sent a couple emails, made another call and BAM fixed. Whew. Got a little lost in some HTML on that one, but we made it out breathing.

But then? Then we didn't show up in anyone's readers.

That's no good, is it?!

This issue took me almost three days to get fixed. Over 35 emails with one of "Google's top contributors" have been passed back and forth resolving my problems. I was praising this guy last week. It wouldn't have happened without his patient guidance and my readers' willingness to answer test posts and tweets on demand. Thank you all! 

It feels good to be back to just blogging.

But before we go, be sure you've entered all the Blog Crasher giveaways!

Thirty-One Giveaway - ending 5/8
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Scentsy Buddy Giveaway - ending 5/10
TKC Blog Design Giveaway - ending 5/10

And? If you're looking for an updated button for the blog we'd love if you spread the love...


Happy blogging ladies, I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone!