Graduation Day: The Last Undergraduate

Sunday, my brother Travis will receive his undergraduate degree. It will also mark the day that my mom has seen all three of her children through college. I remember when B and I got married I wrote her a letter thanking her for all she'd done.That letter is gone forever, burned in the fire and lost from my computer.

So today, I wanted to share the email I sent her tonight, reminding her that this is not just his graduation weekend, but a momentous weekend for her as a mom. She has officially seen three children through 24 years of daycare, elementary and undergraduate education. The opportunity she allowed us in college is priceless for us {not so much for her}.

Now, more than ever, I see that she blessed us more than we could've asked.


As of Sunday, you'll have seen all of us through our undergraduate degrees. I realize many people played a hand in us getting to and through college, but really you were the driving force behind each of us earning our degrees. 

I remember the struggles the boys had in elementary school. Chris always forgot to turn in his homework, I feel like that went on for years. And you quickly realized Travis had dyslexia. And I was never a good test taker, ever. The list of challenges we faced over the years could go on forever, but whatever the challenge we had you faced it head on and helped each of us hurdle our obstacles. 

Now, as a mom, I can already see the endless hours of work and worry you put into getting us into and seeing us through four years of college, much less the years of school prior to that. You continue to work hard to ensure we have every opportunity possible. You fought for me to be able to attend Alabama, you encouraged Chris through his years in Georgia and well Travis he's just such a special kid. 

None of it would have been possible without you. Your encouragement, your pushing, your love. We will have each earned our undergraduate degrees thanks to you. I hope you know this. On top of making sure we were academically prepared for school, you gave us the rare opportunity to attend college without monetary concerns. This is a blessing not many people have anymore. You gave us an opportunity that is priceless for us. I see the difference my college experience was from Brandon's and words can't describe how thankful I am. 

Whether or not the boys have realized this I don't know. Perhaps it will take several more years before they do. But I wanted to make certain you knew that as you celebrate Travis' graduation this weekend, you need to celebrate what you've given each of us. We are better people thanks to you. 

I am looking forward to Travis receiving his degree, he is more than deserving. But I am also excited to know that all three of us have completed our undergraduate degrees thanks to the guidance you've given us. 

Have fun at Wofford, enjoy the festivities and remember that none of this would have been possible without you seeing him through the last 22 years of life.