The Nitty Gritty of Mothers Day

If you check out the "meet me" page of this site, you'll see that I fancy myself a super mom
But admittedly, most days, I'm just human

I question myself constantly! Am I giving Jack the most nutritious food? Reading him the best books to boost his development? Creating the motherly bond everyone speaks of?

Yesterday, B spoiled me. 
He reminded me every moment I am a wonderful mom
More than Jackson could ever want or need. 

Honestly? It was nice to be reminded.

In reality, we're still in the stage of life where Jackson has no recognition of the holiday. These days it's all up to Brandon, and he came through 100 percent.

Jackson may not be able to recall our second mother's day together, but I will.

He was all snuggles and squeals, waking up far earlier than mama had asked of him. He fought his morning nap like a warrior. He let me escape for a pedicure and spa time. He fussed and fussed before an afternoon nap. And then? He let me hold him before bed. A rare occurrence in this house.


Year two celebrating motherhood. Wow.

The idea still leaves me a bit bewildered, anxious even.
However, the reality, shines down as an unexpected blessing.

Despite the doubts and worries, the smiles and snuggles outshine it all. I must say I'm really loving this motherhood thing. I'm certainly a lucky lady to have Brandon and Jackson by my side.

Thanks for a wonderful day, B! Truly perfection.