Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I've read many posts lately by bloggers claiming to have hit a proverbial wall. Yes, a wall.
This, my friends, is also known as writer's block. 

If you're looking for a cure, I've found it

Get on your Pinterest account and start browsing. 
Don't worry about a search phrase or category. Just scroll through it all. 

Let your first pin lead you to the second...


and the third...

The sparkle you may find, will get that writing spark lit again. I promise.

Happy pinning friends. 

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  1. Oh that family picture is so cute!!!

  2. I love that the first pin-laundry quote. I am going to repin it. I found your blog on The Vintage Apple and I'm definately going to have to visit it again. You just gained a new follower-).

  3. I am sort of obsessed with Pinterest! :o) I love that laundry pin too. I want to print it and hang it in our laundry room.

  4. That glitter on the hand picture...I'm in love!

  5. So fun....I LOVE that last pic - what a fun idea:)


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