A Well-Rounded Childhood, Who Knew?

As Easter weekend approached, I tried to think of a special outing for the day. B and I aren't members of a church here {I know, I know}, but I knew we should still do something different that day.

The forecast was filled with sunshine, so we decided to pack up some snacks, toys and fishin' poles and head to my family's farm. It's the farm I spent many a childhood memory riding horses, fishing and  rowing in the boats. Not only would Brandon love the fishing, I knew Jack would enjoy taking it all in. 

Our house is a mere 15 minutes from the farm, which works well when life revolves around a toddler's schedule. In case of a meltdown, the safety of home is not too far away. 

We parked next to the pond for a good view of Daddy fishing and a mini picnic. 

This simple snack was filled with so many precious moments.

While J soaked in the scenery that was so new to him and so second nature to me, I soaked in the essence of him.

As entertaining as he finds eating, it too has a time cap. So, we packed up our red wagon and headed for the barn. It was going to be Jackson's first experience with horses {to my knowledge}

Growing up, we kept horses at the barn but they're long gone now. My Grandfather, does however, rent the stables out. And from the glimpse I caught on the way in, there were some beauties up there. 

J giggled and pointed at the horses and donkey, absolutely smitten.

Music in the background, a curious dude by my side and a place that I love. 

I sat there wishing to bottle up that moment, that feeling

I found myself reflecting on my childhood that night. Recalling my memories of running wild through acres of land with my cousins. Setting up barrels and taking the horses out for a race. What they didn't know? My horse had a thing for the stable and as soon as we'd hook that last barrel with the stable in sight, he'd pick up speed like no other horse on the farm. Man, that was a great horse. Terrifyingly fast.

My mind then quickly jumped to memories of the beach. And the mountains.
The more I reminisced the more I realized what a truly well-rounded childhood I had.

From the low country beaches of South Carolina, to raising animals on a farm and camping in the Blue Ridge my opportunities were bountiful. My Grandfather worked hard to set up a legacy of unlimited possibilities. Places and things I took for granted as a child because I assumed everyone had these blessings. But they don't.

I'm thankful to be able to pass this type of childhood on to Jackson.

If he can look back 24 years from now with this same realization, then we did good.

Come Memorial Weekend, we'll introduce Jackson to Edisto Beach. One of the top 5 places that make me, well, me. Another bit of that legacy we're blessed to be living in and working on. 


  1. Beautiful images, he is so precious!

    I love to hear about your childhood travels as my kids have been around the world, more places than I had ever been growing up. I often wonder if they will remember/be glad and at the same time, want them to know it's not the norm. (we would do this as my husband worked, as he was always in a new state & we were homeschooling so had many many field trips!)

    Happy Monday,

  2. It's interesting how things can come full circle now that we've got these little people in our hands. I feel the same way; there are traditions, things, people, places that I feel like I really want W to enjoy and experience. And I know they'll be room for new experiences too that I hope he looks back upon and wants to pass on to his children someday. Sometimes I feel like I can get caught up in all of this pressure with parenting to present that well-rounded childhood but then again I rest assured knowing that whatever we do, if it's in love, he will remember and look back on fondly.

    Great post Erin and of course, The General is looking handsome as ever!

  3. he is adorable! SUCH sweet pictures. I love reflecting on my childhood and imaging what my babies' will be like...and what I can help make of it. It really excites me :)

  4. Jackson is adorable! I love these pictures.

  5. The pictures of Jack are amazing and how awesome for him to be able to experience seeing the horses and enjoying some time "off the grid." I too often think back about how wonderful my childhood was and really hope that I can offer the same to my daughter:)

    Hope you guys are having a good start to the week!!

  6. What a cutie!!! I LOVE THE NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!! LOVE!!!

  7. These are such bright, summer-y, beautiful photos. LOVE the wagon ones, too!

  8. Gorgeous pictures!
    I love thinking back on good childhood memories and seeing how far we've come.


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