Thought I'd Share

Helllloooooo Friday!! It is so good to see you again. I am beyond thankful for this quasi laid-back week. You see, the boss-man took a hiatus from work and our only deadline for the week has been extended until Monday.

It does't get much better than that, folks!

In the spirit of sharing some love of this wonderful week, I thought I'd spill some of my favorite posts, recipes and products of the week.

Without further adieu...
Wondering what life with a toddler is really like? Look no further than Sarah's post. Her comparison of surviving toddlerhood and sorority recruitment is dead on. 
 I've been looking for a play on our typical burrito casserole and taco nights, I may have finally found it with this Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchilada recipe. Sounds good, no?
Looking for a craft? Let me introduce this Weekly Menu Board. The details put into this board are just perfection! 
Alright, technically, this one is from last week but it's too good not to share. I'm always wondering what books other mamas are reading to their boys and was grateful for Erin to share her favorite boy mom books
As J enters the toddler tantrum stage head-on, I'm in the beginning stages of discipline research. I was humbled by this post about the grey area of disciplining children. 
Now go on and check out these links!
Hope you lovely readers have an amazing weekend!

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A Daycare Transition & Plead for Mommy Advice

Every mom longs for the day her little ones reach that walking milestone. 
Okay, well maybe not long, but our hearts still go wild the day it happens. 

When Jackson wasn't walking by his first birthday I was honestly a little disappointed. He was just such a good crawler and cruiser that I assumed he'd be an early walker. But that wasn't the case. 

Then, 13 months rolled around...still not walking. 

And then it happened, 13 months 1 week Jack took off and never looked back!

The onset of this milestone also meant that he'd now be transitioning to the Toddler Room. 

At this point, transitioning to the Toddler Room seemed like a blessing. Jack screamed every morning when I left him in the Creeper Room, all of his friends had transitioned and the teachers in the Creeper Room had given me enough attitude to last us through his Senior year of High School. So, I was excited. He'd finally be back with his friends!

The main part the transition from the Creeper Room to the Toddler Room is nap time. Before the kids get to walking, they can nap whenever they want. 

The Toddler Room is a whole other story. 
In the Toddler Room, they get one nap from 12-2. 

At first I was good with this. In fact, I was glad! Jackson had been refusing naps because of all the excitement of daycare so I thought one long nap would be just what he needed. 

Now, over a month later I'm finding out I was completely wrong!!! 

It appeared, at first, the transition was going smoothly. Jackson ate well, played well and even slept on the cot for their 2-hour naps. 

But then it happened...

One morning Jackson woke up screaming bloody murder at 5 a.m. 
And then the next morning. 
And the next. 
And now it's three weeks later and it continues to happen. 

Bottom line, it comes down to him be overly exhausted. I've done what I can at home to try and help. Last week, I told daycare it was out of my hands. 

Every child is different and it just so happens that mine needs two naps a day. This one nap in the middle of the day isn't working. 

In a little experiment we conducted last week, we kept Jack home Thursday and Friday. 

The four days he was home {Thursday-Sunday} Jackson napped at least twice a day. He also didn't wake up screaming long before the sun came up. Nope. He slept until 7 am every day. But as soon as he went back to daycare yesterday, he woke up screaming at 5 am again this morning. 

So, here I am. We are stuck at this daycare. And they are stuck with us. But Brandon and I are having trouble functioning due to lack of sleep and an extremely unhappy 15 month old. 

I am begging you mamas out there, what can we do to help this transition? I'm open to any transition tips you may have! Anything! We just need sleep and peace. And sleep. Did I mention sleep?

Lay it on me ladies, how can we help Jackson transition??

Nikon D3100 GIVEAWAY

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Friday Letters

Dear week, you sucked. Why you found it entertaining to drag on with one awful thing after another I will not know. I am glad you are coming to an end.

Dear Facebook, how dare you let me drunk Facebook message my ex-BFF the night before her wedding. In that regard, thank you for allowing her to drunk respond. It made me happy.

Dear daycare, you have officially taught me that if we are to have a other child I will be staying home even if that means I cannot ever afford new clothes, shoes, or Zaxbys for myself. It would be worth not dealing with you.

Dear Family, thank you for helping so much with Jack this week. You are all amazing.

Dear Jackson, please get better. Please! Mama can't emotionally or physically handle your sickies anymore. We go back to the allergist for lab results next Wednesday, praying they have answers.

Dear OB/Gyn who is usually a bitch, you caught me quite off guard this week when I came in for a quick girl issue by completely running through my medical history. You are officially the first doctor who is ready to tackle this PCOS they way I'd like. You are now forgiven for messing up Jack's circumcision.

Dear South Carolina Baseball team, please win tonight so that the boss-man can head to Omaha. Also, this entire city will lose its shit if you don't come home with a trophy. I can't believe I'm actually rooting for the Gamecocks right now. No pressure.

Dear Husband, we are doing sushi and a movie this weekend. Fuck the budget, we need a date, a REAL date.

Dear Friday, thank you for being you.

Stuck on you

Even with the head-banging tantrums, blood-curling screams, sippycup-throwing, alligator-teared fits, the open-mouth kisses, mama's, dada's, woof woofs, sporadic hugs, giggles, ticklish tendencies win.
Hands down. 

Woo, Daddy, Woo Woo

Per Brandon's request we didn't really do much this Father's day. Mainly just the three of us at home hanging out. And really, it couldn't have been a better day.

Jackson spent Saturday night with my mom. This was the greatest gift she could've given us. J's sleeping habits were not so great last week which left us utterly exhausted by Saturday. One thing Brandon asked of Father's Day is that he be able to sleep in...and we did, until 8:15. Ha!

A few hours later we headed to pick up Jack so he could spend some time lovin on his Dad.

We managed to stir up some fun at home but not enough to get Jack nap-ready. So we set out for every man's favorite place -- Home Depot. Following a tiring trip looking at saws, sanders and thingy-mabobs he was then coaxed into napping for a quick second.

Post-nap, it was time to head outside. As Brandon finished staining Jackson's new dresser, Jack and I entertained ourselves in the yard with the hose and a ball.

Sometimes, it's that simple with a toddler, sometimes.

no, it's not quite in focus but look at that face!
Jackson had a blast playing in the water then returning to his front porch step to think over his fun. Then he'd wander back to check on his dad.

And then back to the front yard.

Back to Dad.

Back to yard. Back to Dad.
This went on for a good 45 minutes.


We had dinner at my grandparents house and came home for our usual bedtime routine which thankfully went down without a fight. It was, for the most part, a normal day.

Funny though, it's still hard for me to believe we're already in this chapter of our lives. Some days it seems unreal that Father's day is a day we celebrate with our family. Me, B and Jack.

To my amazing husband,

You have exceeded any expectations I had pre-parenthood. Over the last year I have seen you evolve into the most amazing father and an even better husband. Every day I see you work hard and strive to work even harder to provide Jackson and I with everything we hope and dream of. Thank you for being all that you are and loving us despite the whining that conspires every day.

I wish I could have bought you every tool in that store. I wish I could fill your garage and make it a DIY haven. I wish I knew how to express how much Jackson and I need you and love you. But I think you know those things already. I hope you do at least. 

I'm forever thankful to be on this parenting journey with you. Happy second Father's Day!

Love, E

Love filled

The weekend had it's ups and downs, but all in all I'd say it was lovely.

Hopefully Jackson and I treated B to a deserving second Father's day. Because Lord knows we wouldn't have made it through without him!

While I'm bursting with stories to share, recipes to recount and laundry to fold, I'll have to get back to ya on the details.

Happy Monday friends!

On Feeding a Toddler

Most days meal-time ends with some sort of antic...

And not any happy antics.

Usually, it's a fussy, crawling-out-of-my-highchair antic. 

Yes, this kid can squirm around and stand up in the high chair.
Now? Those crazy shoulder straps make sense. 

Eight months after using this high chair, I'm gonna have to pull out the real safety straps. 

Crazy toddlers. 
It's a good thing they're so damn cute. 

Father's Day Brainstorming

Treats & Eats:



Crafts &Printables:





Hopefully that'll get your Father's Day creativity going! What I've got planned will be kept a secret for now, as the husband occasionally peruses the blog :)

The Secret to Parenthood

After 14 months, I've finally figured it out...

Yep, it's as easy as that.

No need to thank me. It's my duty as a mom to share these secrets, right?

Also, let me just say, I loved all of your responses to Friday's When we're having Baby #2 post. If you haven't stopped back by to read through the comments, I highly suggest it.

Sunday Social {v.1}

When Neely announced she'd be hosting a new link-up I was pretty excited. You see, over the last year that I've been reading her blog I've learned she's the prefect person to find new, intriguing blogs from. She has a plethora of ladies in her community and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

So this new link-up she's hosting with Ashley?

Sunday Social.
It's easy.
Each week there'll be a set of questions.
You answer the questions, grab the button and add your link to one of their blogs. 

Without further adieu....this week's questions:

1. How did you come up with you blog name? 
    Well, my blog name just recently became The View From 510. When I first began this blog of mine it was known as Confessions of a Magnolia Mom. But as life evolved I felt the name needed to as well. Over the last eight months we've been settling our family into a new home. To pay homage to our home, street address 510, we welcomed a new name with the one year birthday of the blog. 

2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
     The friends I make, community I'm creating, recipes I learn, crafts I attempt, mom fails I incur and revelations I'm enlightened by. We'll just say it's hard to choose just one thing. There's an infinite amount of knowledge to share and learn from in the blogging community. 

3. What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without?
     When I first got back into blogging a little over a year ago, I heard some murmurs of a new inspiration board site. I managed to score one of the first invitations and I've been hooked ever since. The site? Pinterest. Duh.

4. Facebook or Twitter, and why?
    Twitter. If I need to explain perhaps we should reconsider our friendship.

5. If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be?
    Bethenny Frankel...does she count as a celebrity? Guiliana Rancic? 
    I don't think I'm asking for too much here :) 

6. What is something you want people to know about your blog?
     My heart has so many answers for this question. But I better not ramble on...the short version? 
    This is my home, my shelter to document my days as a mom, wife and working lady who really just wants to sit down with a glass of wine and write.       

Whew, there you have it! That was painless, right?!

While we're catching up and going over a few basics, here's what you can look for this week:

The answer to parenthood...
Fifty Shades Triology Review...
Jackson's 14-month update...
Father's Day crafts...

It should be a good week; hope the weekend treated you well!

Sunday Social

When We're Having Baby #2

It's a question that some people ask as soon as you've popped out the first one. Some give you a month to recover and others will even grace you with an entire year before popping the question.

When are you having another baby?

For us, it was 14 months before the question started floating around.

Perhaps they gave me a prolonged period to ponder this question because they knew Jackson was technically a whoopsie. Perhaps they've been waiting for us to get settled. Or perhaps, they're seeing Brandon and I finally get in sync with this parenthood gig {the secret to parenthood coming Monday!}.

Whatever the reason, it's happened. The question is out there.

When are we going to make Jackson a big brother?

The question came first from my MIL. I wasn't surprised. I mean come on, she'd spent nine days straight with Jackson. Spoiling her very first grandson until he was rotten in a matter of a week and a half. How could she not wonder when we'd give her another one??

My real surprise came Sunday when we went to pick up Jack from my mom's. Apparently, on her Saturday-night walk, my Grandmother asked when we'd be having another. I would never expect this question from her, ever! I'm not sure why, but I just wouldn't.

So how'd I respond to this question?

With no hesitation I blurted out, we'd love to be having another....

And that's the truth, we would.


Our bank account is already laughing at us. We could not financially even begin to consider a second baby right now. And I've somewhat come to terms with that.

Because in reality? I'm not ready either. Not physically, not emotionally, not spiritually.

And with this, I've got an idea of terms beginning to form for Baby #2. As we already know, you can never truly plan for a baby, but a girl can always dream.

Interested to hear some notions I've concocted for sweet B2?

1. Jackson has to be potty-trained.
    Having two diaper payments and formula is no laughing matter.

2. We'd need to be closer to moving into a new home.
     I don't want two toddlers in this house.

And the #1 requirement for B2...

3. I must be able to stay home or work from home. 
    For me, this one is not a compromise. I will be home for B2. No more of this daycare bullshit.
    I want the opportunity to be more present for this time with Jackson and any siblings he has.

So, when are we having another baby?

If this timeline goes as planned, it'll be a couple years. And that's quite alright, because it's what's best for us, even if it doesn't cure my current case of baby fever. :)

How long did you wait for baby #2 or are you still waiting?

It's OK...

That my week began with being reprimanded at work for something I didn't do!

That my completely insane self has agreed to go out-of-town again this weekend.

That I'm ignoring a million chores, typical.

That I've completely slacked on blog reading because I've been spending that time finishing the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. {review to come}

That my best friend lives in Canada but I pretend she's next door.

That the comment above makes me sound looney tunes.

That it's been the longest week at work...and I am beyond over this election season!

That this mama is going to find a beer and a babysitter this weekend!

Its Ok Thursdays

Into The Depths

Between five and eight months old, Jackson's eyes began the transition from blue to green. But in no picture since that time have I ever been able to capture a photo that actually represents his eye color.

That is, until the other week when I got my flash up in his face...on accident, of course.

Gah, I love those green eyes.
And even more, I love that if you dress him in blue they'll still turn blue. Just like his dad. 

*linking up with Flip Flops & Pearls, Crazy About my Baybah*

Pool Stud & Sun Poisoning

Our trip to Edisto was cancelled, sure, but that didn't mean we weren't going to catch some rays Memorial Day weekend. James has a pool at his house that is the perfect place for a relaxing day.

So we packed up the sunscreen, a floaty, towels galore, some snacks and headed to the pool.

In my heart I knew Jackson would love the pool. This kid at bath time is a mad man. And I don't mean he's mad. I mean he goes completely insane with happiness!

He's even been blowing bubbles in the water quite successfully for weeks.

I handed him over to B, ready to capture his first moment in the pool with Dad but it didn't quite go as planned. This kid freaked out. He hated it! Not only did he freeze into a stiff baby shell, he wouldn't let go of his Dad. The look on his face? Pure terror.

I did not see this coming!

So I sat him in a chair to observe.

To watch Jackson {our friend, Lance's son} enjoy the water.

And slowly it worked. His frown was turned upside down.

Handing him back over to Brandon, he was finally able to display a grin. I took over optimistically. And sure enough, the kid got used to it, and loved it just as he loves bath time.

But within 24 hours though, a fever spiked, red skin was a-flurry, and poor dude was throwing up. My assumption is a bit of sun poisoning, despite the layers and layers of sunscreen that was applied. Really, it could've been bad food, a virus, bad luck, but in my mind Jack soaked up a little too much sun.

He's recovered well after a week of Grammi-spoiling.
And you can bet we'll be acquiring a new sunscreen before heading back to the pool.
Any tips on your favorite sunscreen for little ones are very much welcomed!

7 Stages of Grief

1.Shock & Denial

Sunday, May 20, we found out our friend Jimmy had been shot and killed.

2. Pain & Guilt

...set in quickly. Not so much the guilt. Alright, well maybe a little. To see such a young person go anytime is hard. To know Jimmy's character multiplies that emotion times a hundred. A confident, caring, crazy soul. How could you not feel pain?

3. Anger

Who the hell is this guy? That is, the guy who shot our friend. What's his story? Unfortunately, Jimmy has been living in Colorado to be near the love of his life and we just don't know every friend he has. That's the way life goes.

As the details of the night Jimmy was shot began to unfold and court documents were produced, anger seared further into my heart. A stranger, with previous charges, who'd never really know the amazing man he'd taken from this earth.

4. Bargaining 

I can't say I hit this stage. Perhaps Brandon did moments before Jimmy's memorial service was to begin. We were all seated preparing ourselves for the hour ahead when B said, I feel like Jim is going to jump out of those doors declaring his greatest joke ever. 


If anyone would've had the balls to do something like that it'd have been Jimmy. For a quick second, I myself thought that'd be fucking amazing. To see Jim laugh in the faces of all who loved him, all who flocked to his hometown to celebrate his life. Testing to see what he meant to us. But alas, this isn't the case.

5. Depression & Sorrow

About 48 hours into Step 1, I felt the depression set in. Not a fun realization.

Yes, our beach trip was cancelled because we're traveling to Nashville for Jimmy's memorial service.
May 28, 2012 we'd celebrate the life of our dear friend Jimmy.
A brother, a son, a friend, a loved one, an airman. A tragic ending.

6.Testing & Reconstruction 

Our vacation may have been cancelled, but at that moment reuniting with our friends is what was truly best for our aching hearts. I knew it'd be best for Brandon and even for me.
This loss has hit far too close to home.

We drove through the night, willing ourselves to Nashville as quickly as possible. The next 72 hours were spent by the pool, grilling and playing catch-up with all the boys. Those 72 hours also involved lots and lots of Jack Daniels, in Jimmy's honor of course.

Behind the eyes of each man that weekend, you could see the pain. A bit of each of them had gone to heaven that Sunday, but being together, remembering Jim, seemed to keep them moving.
And the weekend was actually quite superb.

6 1/2. Depression & Sorrow

As we tanned by the pool, we treated our sorrow with complete disregard. But Monday, Memorial Day, brought Jimmy's memorial service. We had to face the facts of what really brought us together that weekend.

Everyone donned some red, white and blue. Celebrating not only Jimmy but his favorite holiday.

The memorial was perfection. Jimmy's minister spoke, remembering the times he prayed with Jim before he went over seas, how he brightened every room, how he was one-of-a-kind.

Next up, Van, his youth minister and confidant who spoke on behalf of the friends. His speech was....what everyone needed to hear. A reminder of how blessed Jimmy's life was, how he loved each second, how he prayed for each of his friends, how he thought of us often and spoke of us much. How he'd want us to celebrate, love and carry on with the light that he so unconsciously spread.

That's when Jimmy's Mom and Dad took to the microphone. I braced myself for his mom to breakdown, but to my dismay she held it together with the strength of a million men. Her words beautiful, her heart broken. Jimmy's Dad stopped to ask for Jimbo's help mid-speech and I lost it yet again. You see, Jimmy and his Dad were the best of friends. They shared the relationship every Father dreams to have with his son. He stood there that morning wearing Jimmy's suit purchased in Paris, made in Italy and tailored in Amsterdam. As he said, Jimmy wanted to be a traveling man, and travel he did. He's right, Jimmy lived a full life, one that we each dream of but will most likely never see.

Then Janine, Jimmy's girlfriend and love of his life. She cried, she laughed and she successfully avoided ugly crying in front of us all. She read bits of emails from Jimmy professing his love for her, reminisced on how they met and declared their story ended too soon. I'm not sure if she was reminding herself how much he loved her, but I know those of us who knew him needed no reminder. He changed since he met her. I could see it, you'd have to be stupid not to. She was the one. The love of his life. No doubts, they were meant to be. Their story ended too early. My heart aches for her, for the wedding she'd dreamed of, children she'd imagined, traveling they'd planned. Too early I tell you, too early.

Closing the memorial with a slide-show, we laughed and cried as photos and songs filled the church. Afterwards, we swarmed to Jimmy's favorite mexican restaurant. Pitchers of margaritas flowed and shots of Jack were passed around. Jimmy would've been happy to see the celebration that occurred in his honor.  
It was just what he'd have wanted, in my humble opinion. 

7. Acceptance & Hope

For two weeks I've been bouncing about these stages of grief, wondering how Brandon must feel if Jimmy's loss has hit me this hard. I've hardly written, odd for me, especially these days. Work has had me swamped, the in-laws have been in town. Did I mention work was swamped {understatement}? Nothing has seemed normal in two weeks.

Today we start fresh. Today we find the balance between remembering and forgetting.
Today, we remember within grief there is life. Thank you Diana for this message. 

"You have to continue his life within your life to the extent that it had not been completed; his life has now passed over to yours and you who truly knew him can move forward quite as he intended: make this the task of your mourning, to explore what he expected of you, hoped for you, wished would happen to you. If I could only convince you, my friend, that his influence has not left your existence. Now especially he is here, and now he has all the freedom to be here, and we have all the freedom to feel him."

Jackson's 1-year Photos