A Daycare Transition & Plead for Mommy Advice

Every mom longs for the day her little ones reach that walking milestone. 
Okay, well maybe not long, but our hearts still go wild the day it happens. 

When Jackson wasn't walking by his first birthday I was honestly a little disappointed. He was just such a good crawler and cruiser that I assumed he'd be an early walker. But that wasn't the case. 

Then, 13 months rolled around...still not walking. 

And then it happened, 13 months 1 week Jack took off and never looked back!

The onset of this milestone also meant that he'd now be transitioning to the Toddler Room. 

At this point, transitioning to the Toddler Room seemed like a blessing. Jack screamed every morning when I left him in the Creeper Room, all of his friends had transitioned and the teachers in the Creeper Room had given me enough attitude to last us through his Senior year of High School. So, I was excited. He'd finally be back with his friends!

The main part the transition from the Creeper Room to the Toddler Room is nap time. Before the kids get to walking, they can nap whenever they want. 

The Toddler Room is a whole other story. 
In the Toddler Room, they get one nap from 12-2. 

At first I was good with this. In fact, I was glad! Jackson had been refusing naps because of all the excitement of daycare so I thought one long nap would be just what he needed. 

Now, over a month later I'm finding out I was completely wrong!!! 

It appeared, at first, the transition was going smoothly. Jackson ate well, played well and even slept on the cot for their 2-hour naps. 

But then it happened...

One morning Jackson woke up screaming bloody murder at 5 a.m. 
And then the next morning. 
And the next. 
And now it's three weeks later and it continues to happen. 

Bottom line, it comes down to him be overly exhausted. I've done what I can at home to try and help. Last week, I told daycare it was out of my hands. 

Every child is different and it just so happens that mine needs two naps a day. This one nap in the middle of the day isn't working. 

In a little experiment we conducted last week, we kept Jack home Thursday and Friday. 

The four days he was home {Thursday-Sunday} Jackson napped at least twice a day. He also didn't wake up screaming long before the sun came up. Nope. He slept until 7 am every day. But as soon as he went back to daycare yesterday, he woke up screaming at 5 am again this morning. 

So, here I am. We are stuck at this daycare. And they are stuck with us. But Brandon and I are having trouble functioning due to lack of sleep and an extremely unhappy 15 month old. 

I am begging you mamas out there, what can we do to help this transition? I'm open to any transition tips you may have! Anything! We just need sleep and peace. And sleep. Did I mention sleep?

Lay it on me ladies, how can we help Jackson transition??