It's OK...

That my week began with being reprimanded at work for something I didn't do!

That my completely insane self has agreed to go out-of-town again this weekend.

That I'm ignoring a million chores, typical.

That I've completely slacked on blog reading because I've been spending that time finishing the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. {review to come}

That my best friend lives in Canada but I pretend she's next door.

That the comment above makes me sound looney tunes.

That it's been the longest week at work...and I am beyond over this election season!

That this mama is going to find a beer and a babysitter this weekend!

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Here here to the beer and babysitter! I know I am going out of town again this weekend...thank goodness I'm in town next weekend! Happy Thursday!

  2. Yay to 50! That is terrible about your work! Hope next week starts off better!

  3. If I lived there Id totally come babysit :)

  4. Cheers to beers and babysitters! :) lol

  5. I can totally understand the best friend statement! I hate that my best friend lives 3 hours away!
    Enjoy that beer! :o)

  6. I'm sick of the election too! I can't stand all the drama that comes with it!

  7. Beers and babysitters--sign me up! Y'all have fun!

  8. Agree about the best friend part! (She, Jennifer commented just a few hours ago! Random!!)And we are finding a babysitter too!

  9. My chores and to do list get put off constantly. Maybe thats why its so long!! Enjoy that beer and have one or 6 for me!


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