On Feeding a Toddler

Most days meal-time ends with some sort of antic...

And not any happy antics.

Usually, it's a fussy, crawling-out-of-my-highchair antic. 

Yes, this kid can squirm around and stand up in the high chair.
Now? Those crazy shoulder straps make sense. 

Eight months after using this high chair, I'm gonna have to pull out the real safety straps. 

Crazy toddlers. 
It's a good thing they're so damn cute. 


  1. Awe! THat last picture is adorable! I think around J's age we might have started to use the booster that straps to the chair (a portable high chair). Do you think that would make him happier?

  2. we have the same highchair
    nice taste!

  3. OMGosh..... could he be any more precious???? It brings tears to my eyes to see these pictures and think that it just seems like yesterday this was my little man. Time seriously doesn't stand still when they are growing up!

    Thank you for linking up. I hope you will join me back again in the fall. Also, I am going to email you shortly :)
    Have a great day!!

  4. Aww, that pout is too much to handle! SO precious!!

  5. They sure like to give us a run for our money that's for sure!

  6. Glad someone else has the same problem at the end of meals. Aren't you supposed to be happy after filling that tummy up?? Not a screeching, fumbling wild man, right?!?!

  7. Awe, that looks just like our feeding times! It's so frustrating sometimes right??
    ♥ Kyna

  8. Awww look at that pour pout. :)


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