Pool Stud & Sun Poisoning

Our trip to Edisto was cancelled, sure, but that didn't mean we weren't going to catch some rays Memorial Day weekend. James has a pool at his house that is the perfect place for a relaxing day.

So we packed up the sunscreen, a floaty, towels galore, some snacks and headed to the pool.

In my heart I knew Jackson would love the pool. This kid at bath time is a mad man. And I don't mean he's mad. I mean he goes completely insane with happiness!

He's even been blowing bubbles in the water quite successfully for weeks.

I handed him over to B, ready to capture his first moment in the pool with Dad but it didn't quite go as planned. This kid freaked out. He hated it! Not only did he freeze into a stiff baby shell, he wouldn't let go of his Dad. The look on his face? Pure terror.

I did not see this coming!

So I sat him in a chair to observe.

To watch Jackson {our friend, Lance's son} enjoy the water.

And slowly it worked. His frown was turned upside down.

Handing him back over to Brandon, he was finally able to display a grin. I took over optimistically. And sure enough, the kid got used to it, and loved it just as he loves bath time.

But within 24 hours though, a fever spiked, red skin was a-flurry, and poor dude was throwing up. My assumption is a bit of sun poisoning, despite the layers and layers of sunscreen that was applied. Really, it could've been bad food, a virus, bad luck, but in my mind Jack soaked up a little too much sun.

He's recovered well after a week of Grammi-spoiling.
And you can bet we'll be acquiring a new sunscreen before heading back to the pool.
Any tips on your favorite sunscreen for little ones are very much welcomed!