Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

*before you get reading, please note that these books are meant for those of us 18 and older. Oh and I'd say the spoilers aren't anything too crazy.*

Whisperings of a new book craze trickled into my world a couple months ago. Honestly, I shrugged it off for a good month. I'm not one to jump on a supposed fan-fiction train, much less a Twilight one. If we're getting right down to it, I'm not even much of a reader these days. Hell, I haven't been since college.

But the whispers of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy evolved into a lulled roar. The next thing I knew, author E.L. James had stirred up a storm in the blogesphere, reading circles and even the best seller lists.

It was the day my friend casually asked if I'd read the books while shamelessly giggling she'd heard it was saving marriages that got me thinking.

Ha! Saving marriages? 
Well, perhaps I should give this book a quick glance.

Quite frankly the only thing I knew about the books going in is that they're classified as erotica. I now know, it's not just erotica but some pretty kinky BDSM details highlighted in all three books. We'll just say I had no idea what I was really in for...

The pages went by fairly quickly. I was in almost six chapters and not even a real kiss had occurred.
Where was the sex? Everyone was up in arms over a tease? The build up, however, was actually quite impressive.

If you've read other reviews then you've heard the writing isn't sensational. And they're right, it's not.
But the story? Is sensational {get it?}.
I can't quite put my finger on it, but I was drawn to Christian and Ana's relationship.

Chapter 7 of the first book slapped me in the face with the first sex scene and reveal of Christian Grey's lifestyle. James shocked readers with the introduction of the "Red Room of Pain" but brought things back down to earth fairly quickly with a little vanilla, if you know what I'm sayin'. Smart move, because even after the vanilla I needed a step back from the book.

After a quick breather, I devoured the remaining first dose of Fifty.

At the very root of this book, it's a boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy story.
Add in some kinky sex, billionaire status, some unfathomable childhoods and you've got the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.

Jumping quickly to book two, I had to know the rest of Ana and Christian's story.

For me, the second book hit a wall not too far in. I was bored with the story and the writing. I even went so far as to consider quitting with the rest of the series. But a few trusty Twitter followers encouraged me to see it through. And I'm so glad I did.

Like I said, deep down these books are more than kinky fuckery. It's about a boy who needs to be loved but has no grasp on reality, a young woman who lucks into a relationship with a billionaire and how they manage to create and maintain their relationship despite immoral ex's and blackmailing bosses.

Reviewers are scolding this book for it's BDSM details and shotty writing. I'd say these reviews are being a little harsh. I finished the books knowing I'd miss Christian and Ana's story, and I do.

The real message here?
As female fantasies go, it’s a twofer: lasting love and a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket. And what is shameful about “Fifty Shades of Grey” isn’t the submissive sex, it’s the Cinderella story. -Alessandra Stanley
Whatever you do, don't be quick to judge this book by it's erotica category. Give it a fair chance before completely dismissing the idea of the series. If you do manage to get past the red room of pain, I highly recommend seeing it through and finishing all three books. The story really does play out quite beautifully.

In other Fifty news...

As of this week, E.L. James has sold the rights for the movie to Universal Pictures ensuring she had the last say over the script, director and main cast. This is one smart lady, y'all.

Suggestions of characters are beginning to swirl and I'm relieved to hear that the producer has the same Christian Grey in mind as me:

This should be an obvious people.

Now let me here it, have you read the books? Do you want to? Did you love them? Hate them? Share below!

*I was in no way compensated for this post, these opinions are mine and mine alone. You know, with a little coaxing from thr brooding Christian Grey*


  1. I've read them and completely agree with your review. I'm looking forward to the movie :)

  2. I was expecting much more crazy sex stuff from the books after the way everyone raved about them. I read them and I liked them, but they weren't my fav. Traditionally I don't read romance books at all so sometimes their story was a little exhausting for me. I just kinda feel like they were over promoted. I would be interested to see the movie!

  3. Great review! I'm about halfway through the first and am currently taking my "breather" from it...its intense! And Ryan Gosling...PERFECTION for Christian Grey!

  4. I'm working through the first...glad to hear the review!

  5. I have all three books but I have been stalling in reading them. I think I'm just going to have to dive right in! :oP

  6. I'm working my way through the third book and I agree for the most part. The writing is a little sophomoric, but I'm no Shakespeare so who I am to judge really. I like the love story although Ana's continued playing of the "innocent" card gets a little old. I thought the second book was much better than the first because I liked the actual mystery aspect a lot more, but so far the third has me stalled because right now they're on the honeymoon and it's just lovey-dovey, mushy-gushy which is totally NOT my cup of tea.

    Anyways. It's certainly not a series I'm going to suggest to my mother and they're the first books I've ever read on my iPhone.......because they weren't exactly "appropriate" to be reading during final exams at school. Ha!

  7. I read them. I thought the writing was terrible, the story predictable and after awhile the sex wasn't shocking anymore. I will say my hubby has been a very satisfied man as of late ifyouknowhatimean.

  8. Okay so I am a fan and I am excited that they are making a movie. I am actually re-reading book one currently. I know- I'm a loser. I just love their story and it is something light I can read whenever I have a few minutes. I wish there was more, but in a way I'm glad there is not because my house could of burnt down around me and as long as my fifty shades was okay I was all good.

    As far as the casting choice- um noooooo. I don't like that man you posted a picture of. I don't like RR one bit lol. I hope they choose a more manly man {whatever that means}, just not him or that twilight dude. I kind of hope the characters are unknown- this could do wonders for a new stars carrer {unless it sucks} and I like newbies coming to the scene.

  9. I said RR- mean RH, sorry for the typo lol

  10. Damn I mean RG {Ryan Gosling} apparrently i can't type

  11. I have resisted reading them...but I am thinking of trying them out! Thanks for the review!

  12. I was curious til I learned it was originally Twilight fan-fiction - no thank you! That completely killed it for me.

  13. I can't bring myself to read these!!


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