When We're Having Baby #2

It's a question that some people ask as soon as you've popped out the first one. Some give you a month to recover and others will even grace you with an entire year before popping the question.

When are you having another baby?

For us, it was 14 months before the question started floating around.

Perhaps they gave me a prolonged period to ponder this question because they knew Jackson was technically a whoopsie. Perhaps they've been waiting for us to get settled. Or perhaps, they're seeing Brandon and I finally get in sync with this parenthood gig {the secret to parenthood coming Monday!}.

Whatever the reason, it's happened. The question is out there.

When are we going to make Jackson a big brother?

The question came first from my MIL. I wasn't surprised. I mean come on, she'd spent nine days straight with Jackson. Spoiling her very first grandson until he was rotten in a matter of a week and a half. How could she not wonder when we'd give her another one??

My real surprise came Sunday when we went to pick up Jack from my mom's. Apparently, on her Saturday-night walk, my Grandmother asked when we'd be having another. I would never expect this question from her, ever! I'm not sure why, but I just wouldn't.

So how'd I respond to this question?

With no hesitation I blurted out, we'd love to be having another....

And that's the truth, we would.


Our bank account is already laughing at us. We could not financially even begin to consider a second baby right now. And I've somewhat come to terms with that.

Because in reality? I'm not ready either. Not physically, not emotionally, not spiritually.

And with this, I've got an idea of terms beginning to form for Baby #2. As we already know, you can never truly plan for a baby, but a girl can always dream.

Interested to hear some notions I've concocted for sweet B2?

1. Jackson has to be potty-trained.
    Having two diaper payments and formula is no laughing matter.

2. We'd need to be closer to moving into a new home.
     I don't want two toddlers in this house.

And the #1 requirement for B2...

3. I must be able to stay home or work from home. 
    For me, this one is not a compromise. I will be home for B2. No more of this daycare bullshit.
    I want the opportunity to be more present for this time with Jackson and any siblings he has.

So, when are we having another baby?

If this timeline goes as planned, it'll be a couple years. And that's quite alright, because it's what's best for us, even if it doesn't cure my current case of baby fever. :)

How long did you wait for baby #2 or are you still waiting?