Woo, Daddy, Woo Woo

Per Brandon's request we didn't really do much this Father's day. Mainly just the three of us at home hanging out. And really, it couldn't have been a better day.

Jackson spent Saturday night with my mom. This was the greatest gift she could've given us. J's sleeping habits were not so great last week which left us utterly exhausted by Saturday. One thing Brandon asked of Father's Day is that he be able to sleep in...and we did, until 8:15. Ha!

A few hours later we headed to pick up Jack so he could spend some time lovin on his Dad.

We managed to stir up some fun at home but not enough to get Jack nap-ready. So we set out for every man's favorite place -- Home Depot. Following a tiring trip looking at saws, sanders and thingy-mabobs he was then coaxed into napping for a quick second.

Post-nap, it was time to head outside. As Brandon finished staining Jackson's new dresser, Jack and I entertained ourselves in the yard with the hose and a ball.

Sometimes, it's that simple with a toddler, sometimes.

no, it's not quite in focus but look at that face!
Jackson had a blast playing in the water then returning to his front porch step to think over his fun. Then he'd wander back to check on his dad.

And then back to the front yard.

Back to Dad.

Back to yard. Back to Dad.
This went on for a good 45 minutes.


We had dinner at my grandparents house and came home for our usual bedtime routine which thankfully went down without a fight. It was, for the most part, a normal day.

Funny though, it's still hard for me to believe we're already in this chapter of our lives. Some days it seems unreal that Father's day is a day we celebrate with our family. Me, B and Jack.

To my amazing husband,

You have exceeded any expectations I had pre-parenthood. Over the last year I have seen you evolve into the most amazing father and an even better husband. Every day I see you work hard and strive to work even harder to provide Jackson and I with everything we hope and dream of. Thank you for being all that you are and loving us despite the whining that conspires every day.

I wish I could have bought you every tool in that store. I wish I could fill your garage and make it a DIY haven. I wish I knew how to express how much Jackson and I need you and love you. But I think you know those things already. I hope you do at least. 

I'm forever thankful to be on this parenting journey with you. Happy second Father's Day!

Love, E