15 Months of You

June 23, 2012 our sweet baby boy turned 15 months old. This age is so many things wrapped into one. Overwhelming, adventurous, inquisitive, bubbly, nerve-wracking. 

Through it all I am so thankful for this amazing blessing of parenthood. Not only have we watched him grow, I've watched myself grow, my husband grow and lately my heart is more full than I ever new it could be. 

Weight: 24.5 pounds  Shoes size: 4/5   Diapers: size 4    Ego size: infinity

He's beginning to transition into 18 month clothes and I'm not ready for this reality.
Sleep isn't great. The one-nap transition at daycare is killing us. Jackson is exhausted all the time leading to 5 am wake up calls. I'm hoping by 16 months we'll have resolved this issue. 

"Bye-bye" - since 14 months
"Mama" -9 months
"Dada" - 11/12 months?
"Boof" -J's version of "Woof"

Shaking his head no when I tell him no
Pushing buttons and understanding how they work
Pointing to his nose when asked where his nose his
Blowing kissing while making a big ole "mwah" sound
Open mouth kisses while making the noise he thinks we make when kissing him
High Fives on command

As a baby he hated to be held. Hated! But now? Snuggling is one of his favorite things. Weekend mornings are some of my favorite times, snuggling in bed just the three of us. Although he still refuses to ever sleep in bed with us. 

Jackson can basically run now, he tried jumping this weekend and fell on his face.

He sings to himself in the car. It's more of a hum but it's cute. Typically he falls asleep shortly after.

Every night before bed we read Goodnight Moon. While Jackson generally calms down once I get a couple pages in, if I turn to the page with a house and a mouse all is right with the world. He then points at the mouse then to the house each time saying  "ouse." I guess they're the same thing. 

Riding his 4-wheeler {a birthday gift from me and B} is one of Jack's favorite things. He begs to go outside, finds his way to the garage and points to his 4-wheeler. 

This month he spent almost two weeks with his Grammie and was spoiled rotten! 
He loved every second of it. 

He lights up as we walk into daycare but still clings to me when I leave. It's a bittersweet routine.

Similarly, he lights up every night when we get home to see his Dad. In fact, the entire way home he says "Dada" over and over. 

We celebrated B's second Father's Day. He got a craft from daycare, a little bowl we made that read "We love you to pieces" filled with Reeses Pieces and a new fishing pole.

Managed to survive a short-lived ear infection. 

Endured an insane sunburn after your his real day at the pool. 

And currently, aside from his girlfriend Emma at school, he is absolutely smitten with Millie {our dog}. 

Jackson has grown leaps and bounds this month. Every button he pushes, word he hears, every hug he gives is another notch in my heart. Before being told I was pregnant that fateful day several years ago, my heart was not open to the love of a child. But over the last 15 months that has changed.

My heart has grown in a way I didn't know possible. It has become so full of love for my sweet child, my caring husband and our life together as a family. This love is something I never expected in life. I was told by doctors it wouldn't happen and my heart quickly grew cold.

Now, 15 months after becoming a mama, my heart is whole in an extraordinary way. I am beyond thankful God has blessed me with this experience of motherhood. It's something I wouldn't trade for the world. Watching Jackson over these months has been beyond words.

To my sweet, sweet baby boy, 

Thank you. 

Thank you for making me a mom. Thank you for smiling at me, loving me, learning with me. I look forward to so many more months with you!

Your mama

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