Is Having a Kid Hard?

A friend, far from her parenting days, proposed this question yesterday and for a moment it left me a bit speechless. Is having a kid hard?

Honestly, I never thought about it that way. Having a kid is just having a kid.

I found myself responding to her, "No, just tiring."

Then I got home from daycare with said kid to a dog who'd been sick, a house that's still a mess {my fault} and dinner that needed to be made. But wait, this kid we're talking about was having one of those mama-must-hold-me-at-all-times moments. These moments are happening often these days.

Our night continued to be a bit scattered. Typical for these toddler days. I chased Jackson from one corner of the house to the other as no toy, dog or song seemed to make him happy.

Finally, I'd accomplished preparing dinner, sat the kid in his seat and served up some yummy. But? He'd have none of it. Every bite of every item was given the hand or fed to the dogs.

After shoveling in my dinner in a matter of minutes, I rescued the kid from his highchair and off we went again. This time I could see the delirious, sleepy Jackson kicking in. So, we shuffled our way back to the nursery for story time. But as soon as I closed the door behind us alligator tears, toddler screams and a full on tantrum ensued.

At that moment in life all the kid wanted was his Dad. Well, too bad kid! Dad is working. 

What's a mom to do but let him run back to the living room, get a glimpse of Dad then coax him back to his room? Kicking and screaming I finally managed to get Jackson back to the nursery.

It was at this moment I found myself rethinking my answer to our question, Is having a kid hard?

But then, that kid who was giving mama such a hard time grabbed his favorite book, sat in my lap and leaned his head on my shoulder. And I knew. This "having a kid thing" isn't hard, it's real.

Over our 16 months of parenthood, we've attempted to find our rhythm in parenting. One moment we'll be in synch, the next we're nowhere near it. You see, I've found, the real rhythm of parenting is your ability to go off-beat.

So, is having a kid hard?
We'll just say it's sure as hell not easy.
But every single smile, kiss, hug and giggle take every notion of stress and melt it away.


  1. It is worth it and sure does keep you on your toes! You just never know what is going to happen!

  2. What a perfect answer 'go off beat!' I'm a planner and in my 13 months as a mom it has been my biggest lesson to me, as you say it, 'go off beat.' But it really does make it a little less stressful if you can do it. :)

  3. Couldn't agree more. You have to be able to roll with the day and go off beat. There are days that are harder than others but the reward of a snuggle makes those bad days worth it.

  4. I'd say the most challenging thing in the world, and also the most rewarding!

  5. I feel like certain stages are hard - not just parenthood in general. The newborn days were hard (and awesome at the same time), and the 17/18 months toddler stage has been pretty hard for me, too, but that could also be because I'm pregnant and more tired than usual. There is so much love, and joy, though, that it outweighs the "hard."

  6. I think that life in general is not an easy thing. When you work full time, have a house to take care of, kids to take care of, pets to take care of and a husband to attempt to have a relationship with ;) .... life is just, life! Busy. Crazy. Full filling. Did I mention CRAZY!

    I have 3 kids at 3 different stages. 2 of them are close in age and are in the "I want Mom all the time, I want to make huge messes and I want to do things myself" stage and that is hard at times. I have a tween who is mouthy and a bit of a dramatic kiddo. That is not always easy. All 3 of them are wonderful and keep me on my toes and laughing out loud. That is worth it completely and makes up for the "hard" parts.

    I try to tell myself that some day I will miss the whines, mess and organized chaos that is my full time working mommy life.

  7. I feel like there are things that are harder than I thought they would be and some things that are easier than I thought they would be. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't have it any other way. Having a kid is definitely a life adjustment but slowly things start to feel more natural. Easier, maybe not, but more natural? I think so.

  8. I think the hardest thing is that you constantly re-adjusting to things. Just about the time you get used to your "normal routine" something throws a wrench in it and you have to find a new routine. On second thought, scratch the whole "routine" word to begin with. :)

  9. Ha! I feel like as soon as I think I have it all figured it out, it changes!

  10. I love this!!
    Your right, it's definitely not easy but it's real & worth every second

  11. It's funny; they kind of ease us into it. They come home all cute and small and all you want to do is watch them constantly. They then slowly start moving around little by little and then chaos ensues, but by then we're used to it.
    As tiring as it is every hug, kiss, and smile makes it all worth it.
    I remember the first time my son smiled (on purpose). We were having the roughest morning and I was at my wits end. I walked into the living room and he looked right at me and smiled. My first thought was "damn, that was totally worth it".

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