Monday, July 16, 2012

The Mom Curse

As a teenager, I constantly whispered prayers that I not end up like my insane mom. If it wasn't one embarrassing thing then it was another.

Example 1: 

For years I banned my mom from watching Lifetime movies because I'll be damned if she didn't wind up on that couch in a ball of tears not 30 minutes in. Every.Single.Time. Sobbing! 

A Kleenex commercial running during the Lifetime movie? You may as well have put in some ear plugs and handed her vat of tissues. One year, there was some movie TNT played on repeat and even the previews sent the woman into a tizzy.  

Every time she cried over these ridiculous moments, I left the room shaking my head in shame. 

To continue reading this post head over to Sarah's blog It's A Vol! where I'm guest posting.


  1. Heading over to check it out :)

  2. Great guest post---and following you now via GFC:)

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