On The Wings of Angels

When we moved back to my hometown after our pregnancy surprise, I was lucky to have a job almost fall into my lap. You see, I'd been planning/hoping/dreaming of law school but sweet Baby J had put that dream on hold. So, when my best friend's parent's firm needed a new legal assistant, it was the perfect fit for all of us.

Things went well at Firm W for a little over a year. Thats when things took a turn for the worse. If you've been around a while, then you'll recall my rants about our office manager aka my best friend's mom. We hit some rocky territory and I thought it'd be best for our personal and professional relationship if I looked for other opportunities.

So, I spruced up my resume and started a job search: the most dreaded of tasks. I pondered looking for a job that actually pertained to my degree {journalism}. But in our new city those are far and few between. I knew that could be a long and tense search.

Therefore, the first person I sent my resume out to was Mr. G, a family friend who'd been helping with the law school application process, in hopes he needed a new paralegal.

And? Wouldn't you know he'd just hired a paralegal the week before!
Oy ve. The joys of job hunting. 

My spirits were low as I'd endured a treacherous year-and-a-half search for a job post-college. I was terrified to go through that process again.

Then, one afternoon I checked my email to see Mr. G had emailed me again saying he'd gotten word his friend needed a new paralegal and he'd sent my resume his way.

Say what?!

Within 72 hours Mr. H had emailed me about coming in for an interview! I could not believe my eyes. A real interview! Y'all, I had never had a real interview for a job in which the company had chosen me for my resume and recommendation.

I had serious butterflies fluttering as I entered my interview. The almost 45 minutes flew by as I recounted my teenage years, college education and some pretty good "That's What She Said" jokes with two associate attorneys.

I walked out of there thinking, holy shit what an amazing interview! Did I do that right? 

Before I could even get a thank you letter out to them I'd been called in for a second interview with two partners, one of which I'd be working with directly.

That interview, was a bit different than the first. More technical, more detailed, more business. And when I asked how plaintiff work would differ from the defendant based firm I'd become accustom to, Mrs. B recalled the story of a client that had her on the verge of tears.

This time, I walked out of the office praying for this opportunity. These attorneys were the complete opposite of the stereotype. You could tell they fight the good fight each and every day.

114 days ago I started my new appellate paralegal position with this firm.

Over these few months I have had to learn to work with new courts, new clients, new attorneys. Basically? Everything was new. Oh and on top of that one of my boss men announced his candidacy for State House the week I began. So we've had campaigning schedules thrown in with everything else.

Each day I go in and answer to two attorneys: J and B. I fondly refer to them as my odd couple. One is an OCD, Type-A associate with a great career still being paved. The other an A.D.D.,  procrastinator and attorney extraordinaire. J uses a baseball metaphor to describe to others that we're working in the major leagues and they are far from rookies. And he's right.

The learning opportunity this job provides me each day is irreplaceable. So despite my tendencies want to stay at home, this job could be bigger than I know. Not just for me now, but for the future as well. For my dream of law school that still whispers from the back of my mind. Right now? I'm learning from some of the best attorneys in the state.

A month into this position, Attorney J had one of his biggest cases ever in from of our state Supreme Court. It was a case I'd familiarized myself with. The type of case I joined this firm for. The case where the justice system initially failed, then redeemed itself and now this client fights the fight to ensure the justice system sticks to its word. Attorney J paced around the morning of our oral argument recalling every case reference, amendment and precedent he had up his sleeve.

I'll never forget the morning of this oral argument. He sat in my office as we discussed how if the law is proper and follows its word then we do not lose this one. Before leaving that morning, before wrapping up our conversation, J said to me with a hint of fear and the strength of an army glimmering in his eyes, "Today, we fly on the wings of angels."

And today, Wednesday, we {my attorneys and I} arrive early to work anxiously awaiting the court's weekly publishing of opinions, as we do every Wednesday. I remember what he said that day back in April. I remember why I'm blessed to have this opportunity. And I thank God that he's allowed me this moment in life.