The Day Jackson Went Nakey

With cutting four molars this month, to say Jackson's stomach has been on the fritz would be an understatement. There was a good week where his poos well exceeded four and five times a day.

As awful as it was for us, I hated it for him. Little did I know that was going to be the least of it. A few days into his tummy aches a fierce diaper rash began to form. Can I just tell you this kid has never had a diaper rash. Ever! 

So we went digging for the diaper cream I knew we'd purchased pre-parenthood. After searching in far too many places, we found some. Well wouldn't you know not 24 hours later that rash was only getting worse. It's as if the diaper cream wasn't doing anything!

The rash had gotten so bad you could tell Jack was walking with his legs as wide open as possible without absolutely falling over. Poor kid looked like he'd just returned from a 7-day horseback riding adventure.

Many of you lovely friends suggested letting him go diaperless for a little while to air that bad boy out. This made me nervous with his frequent poos, but I felt for the kid so nakey it was.

I attempted to have him lay down with me and read some books but he was having none of it. Laying down is apparently only for the mindless. No, he wanted to sit right on my lap bare butt and all. So sit he did.

Our books managed to keep his attention for a good 5-10 minutes before he was off again. I ran after him like a mad woman, towel in hand, begging him just to sit with mommy.

Ha. Silly me. 

So, I surrendered.
I sat on the couch ready to pounce at the sign of an oncoming accident.

Jackson was eating up every second of nakedness. Running around, occasionally checking out his goods, but mainly continuing on his usual toddler treachery.

That's when he ran back around the couch in which I decided to take a moment to breathe and let my MIL who was in the kitchen supervise for a second.

Not thirty seconds after that kid rounded the couch I heard my MIL squealing "Oh my God, he's pooping on the floor!"

Don't worry y'all he peed too. Why just give mom one mess to clean up, right?

From that moment on, my sympathy towards his rash of a hiney went out the window. We're going to have a good long discussion before we ever have a nakey day around here again.

And as I look back on that stressful, pooey week I think to myself, at least I've got a great story to tell his future girlfriends.