The Toddler & His Dirt Devil

Before Jackson could even walk, a client of B's sent home a rather vintage toy vacuum that her children loved to play with. It was adorable and I could picture him playing with it months and months down the line. 

Well, it seems 14/15 months were that magical moment where this kid realized the awesomeness of the toy vacuum in the corner. 

He picks this bad boy up, pushes the button and gets to cleaning.

Often he'll chase the dogs around laughing along the way. Poor dogs don't stand a chance!
Other times, he follows me or B around as we use the real vacuum.
And every now and then, he just stands around vacuum in hand.

Jackson has hit a stage where many toys intrigue him, but there are still few that keep his attention day after day. This vacuum is one of those toys.

I am so grateful that client sent home this toy all those months ago.
Thankful she passed on the joy this simple item brings to my baby.

I can say with certainty, I'd never have gone out to purchase a vacuum for my toddler.

However, this will be a go-to, top-recommended toy on my list for years to come.

It doesn't get much better than watching your babe figure out the ins and outs of replicating mom and dad. Especially when it'll turn into a chore we're more than glad to hand over one day.