Monday, August 27, 2012

A Reminder to My Mommy-Self

Currently my mantra:
Source: via Erin on Pinterest

We've endured a grueling reminder of what life with a sick baby is like over the last week. Jackson with ear infections is such a sad semblance of my happy boy.

I take a deep breath as this week begins. It's going to be a big one, full of big decisions. I can just feel it.

Everything really comes down to this sweet face, though.

Despite the hours of worry, lack of sleep and lots of heartache, it's all worth it. A glimpse of no-ear-infection-Jackson appeared yesterday and it was blissful. To see him on the mend from this current infection is such an assuring feeling.

Appointment with a new ENT is scheduled for Wednesday. Updates to come Friday.


  1. he seriously has the cutest little face!!

  2. Adorable picture! And love the first quote. What a great reminder.

  3. Love the first quote. Such a good reminder! Hope he starts to feel better ASAP!

  4. I seriously needed that first qoute this morning! Thank you for the reminder that I am choosing this, and in the end it is ALL worth it! <3

  5. New follower from the GFC Blog Hop! What a fun and happy blog you have :) I love what you wrote about your son and everything being worth it...totally get it! I have a "Jack" whose about the same age as yours, and he can drive me ca-ray-zee, but then in an instant I feel the need to smother him with kisses :)

  6. Poor kiddo! I sincerely hope you guys have a better, and a healthier week!
    ♥ Kyna

  7. Ugh, I completely and utterly sympathize. EThan has chronic respiratory issues ("restrictive airway disease") and we've had a rough few weeks. I hate those doctor's appointments and making big decisions and changing our medications and routines and, ugh, I think I end each day sobbing in a corner and trying to find strength in Ethan's big blue eyes. Luckily, the "feeling better Ethan" is so worth it. Thinking of you guys and hoping he's feeling better and healthy soon! No more ear infections!

  8. I hope this new ENT works out! I was telling someone the other day about how the old one ripped Jack's tubes out. Still makes my heart hurt to think about it!

  9. What a cute little face! Hope he gets better! Found you from the blog hop!


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